Dietitian Lists 7 Simple Ways Which Help Lose Weight Smart, Not Hard

Throughout my 13+ year career as a dietitian, I noticed something peculiar about how people approach their bodies and weight loss. 

Most of my clients come to me with requests to help them set healthy eating habits that lead to weight loss. 

Many talk about calories and macros and name the diets and methods they’ve tried.

The most common being Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, Weight Watchers, calorie counting, and a few more. 

People tell me their struggles about how they suffered constant hunger and lost some pounds just to gain everything back as soon as they stopped following the strict rules. 

And yet, they come asking for another diet from me! What is it with people and suffering, honestly!?

Life is an ever-changing sequence of different events. We are not meant to be on some fad diet all the time.

And we shouldn’t deprive ourselves of our guilty pleasures.

All in all, the aim in this life is to be happy. And if food makes you happy, there is no need to omit it from your life. 

You CAN actually lose weight if you allow yourself to indulge in your favorite foods (yes, junk food, too).

Maybe not 6 times a day, of course. Let’s be reasonable here. 

I’ve noticed most of my clients are taught to believe that the harder the diet, the better the results. That’s not true. 

I repeat it every single day. 

That. Is. Not. True. 

You don’t need to suffer to lose weight. Sometimes you don’t even have to think about it. 

As a matter of fact, you are just a few easy decisions away from consistent, effortless, lifelong weight loss. 

None of them include counting calories or macros, suffering hunger, or cutting groups of foods entirely. 

I’ve witnessed thousands of my clients lose anywhere from 5 to 55lb or even more by simply implementing these 7 easy changes to their lifestyle.

Although most people pay a good buck to hear them elsewhere, I’m giving them out for free – to you. Please, use this information to your advantage.

#1: Manage bloating

I’ve noticed that bloating is the primary reason why even people without excess weight feel like they should be going on a diet. 

The belly that’s sticking out is not necessarily all fat, and counting your calories or macros won’t help. 

You might think you want to lose weight, but maybe the snatched waist and slimmer face is what you actually desire?

Here’s what you can do to reduce bloating: 

Don’t eat too much at a time

Be mindful of how full you are. Bloating can sometimes be more of a sensory thing caused by overeating than actual water retention in the body. 

Many of my clients say they don’t feel satiated until it’s too late.

My advice, which my clients find really helpful, is – drink one glass of water 15–20 minutes before you eat. 

This way, water will fill a good part of your stomach, leaving less space for food. 

Chew your food better

Surprisingly, simply chewing food better can have multiple benefits.

Because chewing takes a bit more time than swallowing food in huge bites, it slows us down. 

Eating slower often means eating less because we can feel when satiety hits. 

Smooth food consistency makes our stomach work less, leads to better gut health and less bloating.

In addition, the gut absorbs nutrients easier when the food is chewed better. 

Believe it or not, I have a client who did a one-month experiment, where he mindfully chewed every bite 30–40 times and lost 4 pounds! In one month!

Without changing anything in his diet or exercise routine. 

#2: Relieve constipation

I’ve heard hundreds of similar stories from my clients: they followed a certain diet for a long time and hit plateaus even after drastically reducing their food intake. 

I once asked this woman (who was complaining she did everything and hadn’t shed a pound) if her bowel movements were regular.

She told me, and I quote, “Yes. I go once every week or so.”

Answers like these give me chills. I, as a dietitian with a background in nutrition science, find these examples as horror movies. 

To lose weight, you also need to poop regularly.

Or at least more often than once a week. So if you find yourself in a similar situation – consume more fiber.

It helps the food you eat move smoothly through the gut and push it out as a waste.

The less waste in your gut, the better it works.

As a result, you’ll enjoy the feeling of lightness and will lose weight effortlessly.

There’s another essential feature fiber has – it absorbs water and takes up more space in your stomach.

So you feel full quicker and with fewer calories.

The list of my favorite sources for such fiber includes: 

  • Wheat bran
  • Vegetables 
  • Seeds 
  • Whole grains 

To add healthy fiber to your diet, you can also consume fiber supplements.

Just be sure they’re the right ones. There should be no artificial additives.

#3: Switch sugar to gut-friendly alternatives

I firmly believe that we can eat everything we want and still be healthy and lose weight.

The most important thing here is moderation.

Sugar in moderation will not harm you. In fact, it’s great for energy.

Let’s not forget our brain uses glucose (or sugar in other words) to function. 

Having said this, to feel better and lose weight without consciously seeking it or thinking about it, you should look for sugar alternatives.

And no, I’m not saying you should eat fruit every time you crave sweets.

I know it doesn’t bring that joy that a regular bar of chocolate can bring.

What I suggest to my clients is switching sugar with plant-based sweeteners that have the same function (and taste) as sugar but are way less caloric.

A good example is Stevia.  

Interesting fact: I found that many of my clients think Stevia is an artificial, chemically derived sweetener.

I like showing them this picture of a stevia plant then. 

Another thing when it comes to sweets is that I recommend them in the form of a drink. 

Think about it.

A piece of pie contains not only sugars but fats and other unhealthy additives that, when combined, can cause more gut issues than simply a sweet drink.

It is also less satiating than, say, 12oz of the beverage. 

My advice is to go for sweet juice or a beverage sweetened using natural sweeteners like Stevia.

The fluid fills the stomach better, and again, most of the time, it contains fewer calories and other additives.  

That’s how you will consume fewer calories without even thinking about it and without depriving yourself of sweets. 

#4: Keep an eye on your emotional eating habits

Just recently, I had a woman in her 40s come to me for help. 

Her case was rather serious as she was battling emotional eating for as long as she could remember. 

From the moment she started talking, I knew it wasn’t a dietitian’s help that she needed.

It was emotional and psychological support that could help her. 

The woman had to deal with stressful situations constantly, and any stressful situation would cause her to binge on unhealthy, high-calorie snacks.

She was an emotional eater. 

So as politely as I could, I told her that having a list of foods to consume and following a strict diet would only cause her to stress and, therefore, eat more. 

Food was her savior. Satiety was what made her feel in control and at ease. 

Besides directing her to the specialist, I also offered her a less conventional solution I was sure would help.

I then asked her to try it out and come back for another free consultation in a couple of months.

And she did come back. Visibly slimmer, her waist was beautifully defined, skin clearer, she had changed.

I asked her if she was following my advice. And she said yes.

Wondering what I did there?

I offered her a plant fiber-based, 100% natural appetite suppressant supplement.

The function this time was not necessarily to suppress her appetite but to alter her choices.

I knew it would work.

My directions were to take one sachet, containing only 10 calories, whenever she felt most stressed during the day, instead of bingeing on junk food.

It tastes sweet like a dessert, and the feeling of satiety comes in moments. 

So what happened if she caught herself wanting to stress-eat twice a day?

She usually would consume anywhere from 500 to 2,000 calories by eating junk foods. 

Instead, by switching to the supplement, she only consumed 20 additional calories per day. 

Of course, it didn’t treat the emotional eating part (it’s not my area of expertise). 

Still, it helped her lose weight and feel better.

Which, by the way, gave her hope that things can actually improve, and she started changing her life from there. 

I always say, if you’re an emotional eater, seek professional help.

However, know that there are also ways that smart food-related choices can impact positively.

#5: Drink more water

This advice is often underrated. I’m sure many of you heard it before and most probably forgot minutes after reading. 

I encourage you to try and make drinking more water a habit.

It will not only make your skin glow, your gut healthier, but it will also show on your waist and weight. 

I also recommend drinking more water throughout the day.

Whenever you remember, or when you are near the tap. 

When our brain confuses hunger for thirst, a good glass of water or other beverage can often solve the issue.

This means you will consume less food and will manage your weight more effectively. 

#6: Follow intermittent fasting protocol

It costs nothing but has tremendous health benefits.

My opinion on intermittent fasting has changed throughout the years. 

It was instilled in my brain that the best option for humans to thrive is to eat 6 times a day. 

I had this idea rooted in me that something wrong would happen if someone decided to skip a meal or not eat for a longer period of time.

However, my clients who do intermittent fasting have reached their health goals incredibly quickly and have kept the weight off.

They claim that they rarely ever feel hunger, and the best part is that they still enjoy their favorite foods within their eating windows. 

But the most wonderful thing is how I see new wardrobes, smaller sizes, and happier faces every time they visit me. 

My approach – as to everything – is not going overboard.

As with all of the above, I say fast, effortlessly. 

The optimal fasting protocol for weight loss is 16:8. It means you have an 8-hour eating window. 

But for starters, I would suggest trying 14:10. You will still start seeing results quickly.

If you wish to extend your fasting period but struggle, try drinking more beverages that won’t break the fast.

For example, tea, black coffee, or the best option, in my opinion – a fiber supplement drink. 

The one I recommend has only 10 calories per sachet (which gets you 10–12oz of the drink and at least 2–3 hours of satiety).

It’s called the DoFasting Appetite Suppressant.

Knowing that fast is not broken unless more than 20 calories are consumed means you can have 2 delicious drinks per day without breaking the fast, but extending your regular fasting time by at least 4 hours. 

Again, lose weight smart, not hard. Nobody deserves to suffer those hunger pangs. 

#7: Supplement

Working with so many clients, I’ve learned to understand what component they might be lacking just by looking and listening. 

Almost everyone who comes to me for weight loss advice is deficient in magnesium. 

If a person says they can’t get enough sweets,

I’m almost sure they need chromium, and the blood tests showing precisely that – never surprise me. 

But what I recommend to my clients are fiber supplements. They are also called the Appetite Suppressants. 

However, I have strict rules that I never bend when it comes to supplements.

They must be natural, get the results they promise, and without any side effects. 

My absolute winner in this category never failed any of my clients is the DoFasting Appetite Suppressant. 

I’ll explain exactly why: 

It prevents bloating

The plant-based insoluble fiber found in the Appetite Suppressant works like a scrub brush for your colon.

This scrub-brush effect helps clean out build-ups from your intestines, reducing bloating by more than 70%.

It relieves constipation

Cellulose (also a plant-based fiber) helps cleanse the colon and promotes improved digestion.

It is a safe and effective way to relieve constipation and cleanse your body.

It tastes like a desert

One serving of this supplement makes a full 12oz glass of drink that tastes like a dessert.

Stevia (natural sweetener) and fruit and vegetable juice go into the ingredients and combine to create a thick pink tasty drink. Lose weight smart, not hard. 

One serving only contains 10 calories

Once you make it into a drink, it only contains 10 calories, but the feeling of satiety lasts 2–3 hours.

When you feel like anxiety and emotional eating are taking over, just grab a sachet, make yourself a drink, and enjoy it without any guilt or additional calories. 

It prolongs your fasting window

Whether you’re new to intermittent fasting or not, the waves of hunger sometimes come unexpectedly and sooner than you want. 

If you wish to prolong your fasting window, have the DoFasting Appetite Suppressant. You will easily wait for another 2–3 hours for your food. 

It is made only using 100% natural ingredients

It’s gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and contains no sugar. It is also made in the USA, which I personally like. 

Because of the natural ingredient list, this supplement is safe for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. 

It has a positive effect on the skin

The DoFasting Appetite Suppressant effectively flushes toxins out of your whole body. As a result, it naturally improves your skin’s appearance and health. 

I’ve tried the supplement myself, along with hundreds of my clients. 

I have a good reason to say that the DoFasting Appetite Suppressant is beneficial for everyone, especially those who want to lose weight.

I like to repeat that people should be losing weight smart, not hard. 

As a dietitian, I encourage you to fill in the FREE DoFasting supplements quiz and see how much weight you could lose. 

Usually, you would have to pay anywhere around 30$ for a professional consultation by a dietitian or nutritionist to get the information that this quiz provides. 

Based on your personal answers, you’ll get to see your body stats summary and supplements best suited for you. For free. 

That’s actually the least you will get from the quiz. 

I’m also happy to share some of my clients’ before and after pictures (I was granted their permission). 

They’ve been implementing the 7 recommendations I’ve mentioned above and taking the DoFasting Appetite Suppressant supplements daily for at least 30 days.

Elisa, 52

Before after

Adelaide, 51

Take a FREE DoFasting Supplements quiz and see how much weight you can lose with the DoFasting Appetite Suppressant

Results may vary due to personal features


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