Cycling.Diet Review: How a Single App Could Reshape Body and Life for Everyone

Let’s be honest, I always wanted to be healthy but never had the time, the drive, or the guts to actually do anything about it.

I, personally, have not taken on too many fitness journeys in my life for that exact reason. I have been too busy with just keeping a good work and home life balance.

As a portfolio manager, many of my evenings found me glued to the screen, working well beyond my shift. When I got home, I was so exhausted the most I could do was lay on the couch with no time or energy to work out. 

But then came a NEED to get healthy.

Last year, on my 49th birthday, I got the greatest news as a gift. I found out that my daughter was pregnant!

My wife and I were going to become first-time grandparents. 

That evening after everyone left, my wife and I sat down and talked about the baby and the future. 

That was when it dawned on me that I was now inches away from 50, and if I wanted to be an active grandfather to my future grandchild, I needed to get myself into shape. 

Though I have been fortunate enough in my life not to have any serious health issues at that time, I was overweight, and I was at risk of developing diabetes.

This was it! It was time to get healthy again.

I had to sit down and consider all the types of exercises without having a background in physical education. Imagine how many hours I wasted not knowing where to even start looking.

However, the one thing I knew right away – I did not want to take on too much weight training at my age. I wanted to do some sort of cardio, but not just jogging, because I honestly always saw running to be a bit of a bore. 

After researching and educating myself a bit, bike riding stuck out to me as my best match. 

Why cycling?

I thought to myself that it was the perfect workout I could do in the mornings before work with no excuses.

Not to mention, upon my research, I found out that not only does it help shed the extra pounds. Bike riding is known to be easier on your joints. It improves muscle strength and posture, decreases back pain and stress levels, and increases cardiovascular fitness.

Once I knew of all the benefits, I knew that was what I wanted to try.

Plus, I had seen quite a few people my age in my neighborhood ride their bikes for exercise. So, I thought, why can’t I do it too?

Though it was a bit dusty, the best part was that I already had what I needed to start in my garage. 

But I failed the first day I rode… 

After years of absence, the good news was that getting back on the bike was only an issue for the few seconds that it took to get my balance in check. 

The bad news was I did not actually know what I was doing. I got on the bike and just rode it around until I got tired. 

When I first returned home, I was happy and proud of myself. 

That all changed the following morning when I woke up. 

I was sore EVERYWHERE.

It was then clear to me that I had no clue how to cycle the right way. And could really do more harm to me than good. 

Then I remembered my daughter. She was going to have a baby soon. 

I imagined how I was holding my newborn grandchild in my arms for the first time. And that feeling of becoming a proud grandfather kept me motivated.

Then I went back to research, and this time I found some apps that claimed to be helpful to cyclers. 

I downloaded three of them onto my phone and tested them out… 

One of the apps was just too confusing for me to use and follow so that one got deleted pretty fast. 

The other app was ok. It seemed pretty straightforward but was not very informative and quite expensive.

Luckily, the third was for me. It was clean, easy to use, tracked everything, and it even had a great nutrition guide to follow. 

So I started using and following the app every day. 

Joining the app was the best choice that I made for my health.

The first few weeks were hard, but then, over time, it got easier thanks to this app. 

You first complete a quick quiz by answering some questions about fitness levels, individual characteristics, and other preferences. 

The plan is then generated together with a meal plan and is 100% suited to you.

The plan includes:

✅ Easy-to-follow cycling plan for better performance and better health because it’s customized by cycling professionals just for your individual needs

✅ Warm-up and cool-down exercise videos to prevent your joints and muscles from strains and injuries

✅ Custom-made meal plan with hundreds of quick and easy recipes created by nutrition experts for your higher energy and stronger body

✅ Daily motivation and helpful tips to help you stay on the right track

✅ Weekly updates with new recipes and new cycling routines for improved progress

The biggest positive is that the app does not cost you an arm and a leg, and you can have all the above for less than you would spend on a cup of coffee a day!

I am finally feeling healthy and confident!

I wouldn’t go as far as calling myself a professional, but I am now an avid cyclist. I can proudly say I have even participated in and completed two marathons thus far. 

There is no more incredible feeling than hitting your goals and passing even your highest expectations for yourself. 

I look and feel so much better than I did before I started my journey. 

I now come back from work and have high energy. In fact, this extra energy even translated into a promotion, which is great because it allowed me to upgrade to a new bike. 

Now I just can’t wait for my grandson to get bigger so I could have a little cycling buddy.

I would definitely recommend taking the 60-sec quiz and getting your personalized plan.


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