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Here’s an Effective Way to Become a Cooking Master After Years of Avoiding It (and Losing Weight for Good)

I used to hate cooking. 

Don’t get me wrong. I have always loved food. I just never had a clue how to prepare it. 

Everything about cooking seemed like a tedious chore. Just the thought of it made me tired.

Deciding what to make. Picking out the ingredients. The long hours in the kitchen. The never-ending cleaning. 

I loathed the process so much that the food – no matter how tasty it ended up being – did not please me at all.

The thing is, I’ve never been a bad cook. In fact, I am pretty good when I try. But I only thought about food when I was hungry, and not a second before.

And by then, it’s too late. Is it THAT wrong to eat cereal for dinner? – I kept asking myself.

I ate nothing but takeout. My shelves were full of boxes of cereal and instant ramens. I didn’t have kids then, but I ate like one. 


My Name Is Mia, and This Is How Giving Up Cooking Cost Me My Health

In my 40s, things began to take an interesting turn. At that time, surviving on junk food was a daily routine.

I didn’t even think about changing my habits because, honestly, I liked the pizzas and burgers. These greasy, indulgent foods made me feel good. I was not ready to stop.

But at some point, I felt like my body was rejecting me.

I noticed that my favorite clothes were too tight. I couldn’t even look in the mirror anymore without feeling stressed. I was constantly out of breath. Even a short walk around my house was exhausting.

Not to mention I was sweating like crazy all the time. I had to carry a bottle of perfume with me so others couldn’t smell me.

By the time I turned 43, I had hit rock bottom. I was an obese woman and was fighting for my health.

That Was Right Before Everything Changed for Me

Looking back now, I guess I have been incredibly lucky. 

As I was leaving the doctor’s office one day, I ran into an old school friend who told me about a nutrition program he’s been on for almost six months.

He told me that the program is perfect for people who want to lose weight and get healthy again. 

“I have seen results SO quickly,” he told me at the time. “And if you don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen, it still works.”

I know what you must be thinking right now. It sounded too good to be true to me, too. 

But I wanted so desperately to get out of that junk food rut. I mean, my life depended on it. So I looked into the program.

Honestly, it was the price that encouraged me to even try it. The program was 100 times cheaper than any professional nutritionist I could find on the internet.

I had nothing to lose. So I gave it a try.

Against All My Expectations, the Program Was Exactly What I Needed

What I got was a keto meal plan created by certified nutritionists. 

It included all my favorite foods – cheese, bacon, eggs, steaks, keto pizzas, and burgers. And the best part – I did not have to spend more than 15 minutes on a meal.

Fifteen minutes, and you have a plate of delicious keto burgers. How great is that?

I got a clear plan of what I will eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – weeks in advance. They also have all my snacks planned out, which has been a real win for me.

By planning my meals ahead of time, I also learned to prepare them in advance. I dedicated one afternoon a week to prepping and stocking my fridge with keto foods. 

So whenever I felt hungry, I didn’t feel the urge to order in. Because all my delicious meals were already prepared and ready to eat.

With the meal plan also came a shopping list. The products were automatically added to it. This saved me many hours in the store.

Stocking my pantry with healthy foods no longer seemed like a chore.

I Was Finally Learning How to Cook in an Organized Way, and the App Helped Me Do It

After a while, I noticed that my kitchen looked a lot different than it used to. 

I was rid of all the sugar and junk food. Instead, I always had a pack of nuts, a plate of berries, and a packet of cheese chips ready.

Of course, it was not always easy. Changing your habits is never easy. 

But my body adapted to the keto lifestyle very quickly. And when it did, I felt fantastic. 

Eventually, I realized that this program was not a typical weight loss program. It has shown me that meal prep – and healthy living in general – is not about working hard. 

It’s about being organized about it. 

Eventually, I Overcame My Barriers. And in the Process, I Also Got to Know My Body

After two weeks into the program, I saw my energy level change. It had been a long time since I had felt so energized and even refreshed. My mind was clear, and my body felt graceful.

After a month into the program, I tried on my old clothes. They still felt a little tight, but the improvement was uncanny.

When I looked in the mirror… Instead of feeling stressed or anxious, I felt proud of myself. Not because of how I looked, but because I saw a confident, vibrant-looking version of myself. I was finally comfortable in my own skin.

I couldn’t believe it. I haven’t felt so proud in my life.

It’s a fantastic feeling… And I would love to help you experience that same feeling, too.


Could You Be Moments Away From Better Health?

The program my friend told me about, which changed my life, is called Keto Cycle

Keto Cycle is a popular keto app that you can download to your phone and take with you wherever you go.

All you have to do is fill out a short questionnaire about your habits, favorite foods, and goals to get your own plan.

After that, it can take about an hour for the plan to be created and delivered to your mailbox. 

That’s right, you don’t have to sit for hours with a nutritionist – and pay hundreds of dollars – to get a plan that is completely tailored to your needs.

Professional nutritionists will customize your calories and macros based on your health. 

Best of all, they pay very close attention to how much time you actually want to spend in the kitchen.

Here’s what you get with your keto plan: 

✅ 10,000+ personalized recipes that take no longer than 15 minutes to prepare

✅ Weekly grocery lists with simple, affordable ingredients you can find at your local grocery store

✅ Delicious snacks and desserts you can eat regularly and still shed pounds without much effort

✅ The calories and macros are automatically counted for you, so you do not have to exert yourself to reach your goals

✅ Fast weight loss without much effort – while feeling full and satisfied

Plus, the support is just fantastic. Whenever I had a question about my plan or keto in general, I called them and got the help I needed right away.

Keto Cycle has helped me become a new woman. I now eat foods I like without much effort. And every time I look in the mirror, I feel empowered.

Here’s the new me. Full of life and energy. Young and beautiful. Ready to take on the world.

What used to frustrate and confuse me about dieting – figuring out what to eat, organizing my meals – is now a thing of the past.

I have actually become a wonderful chef. I finally enjoy the food I prepare myself. Ironically, after years of hating cooking. 

Looking back now, I know I was incredibly lucky. 

Keto Cycle Did Not Just Change My Life. It Saved It.

If you are struggling with your weight.

If you are tired of diets that don’t work.

If you are looking for ways to motivate yourself even though you don’t like to cook.

Then Keto Cycle is for you.

Just imagine it.

Looking in the mirror and actually feeling beautiful…

Having the confidence to wear any kind of clothes you want…

Feeling young and full of energy, ready to take on the world…

That could be you after a few months with Keto Cycle.

Maybe you’ll feel incredibly lucky after a year, too.

So why not try the Keto Cycle quiz? What do you have to lose? 

It only takes a minute, and you don’t have to commit to anything. At worst, you’ll learn more about your health.

At best, you’ll get everything you have always dreamed of – and change your life forever. 

Look at happy people who have also changed their lives with Keto Cycle.

Alison, 34


Stacy, 28


Linda, 25


Take a free 60-second quiz and see how fast you can achieve your weight loss goals with your own personalized keto meal plan

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