How a Beauty Queen Lost Belly Bloat and Regained Her Regular Bowel Movements

I’m going to be really open about my situation here. I’m a 31-year old divorced woman who suffered from uncontrollable weight gain and constipation most of my life.

In the last ten years, I had been in a terrible relationship, and when it ended, it took me a while to recover.

I found myself binging on sweets to block out my painful thoughts and emotions. It escalated into intense cravings for these foods, long-lasting belly bloat, and high blood sugar levels.

When I ate something, part of me would feel comfort. The other part, especially my colon, would feel like it had been hit by a truck. It would either be painful constipation, fainting, explosive diarrhea, or bloating.

When my body started to change in strange ways, people would ask how many months along I was. But I wasn’t even pregnant. My bloating got even more intense before my period.

All this embarrassment made my insecurity even harder to bear because I was bloated and heavy, looking like a giant balloon.

But one day, I came across my teenage photo album, and it struck me how much I had changed. That’s when I realized that instead of complaining about my life, I needed to do something different. 

I wanted to feel beautiful again.

So I decided to join my first-ever pageant. It attracted me because this pageant was open to married, single mothers, annulled, divorced, and widowed women in our state.

Truth be told, I was a frustrated beauty queen, but my vision took a backseat.

When I married at a young age, I had to give up many of my goals. That’s why I wanted to begin accomplishing things I didn’t do.

When I told my friends about signing up, they looked at me with confusion in their eyes and asked, “Why?”

I answered, “Why not? Just because I’ve never won anything in my life doesn’t mean I need to stop trying.” 

Maybe they worried I would pass out on stage in the middle of my walk due to my health.

However, after seeing the previous winners’ success stories, I knew I was also capable of conquering the stage just like them still empowering women over 30.

Of course, to make this achievable, I knew I must prepare.

I needed to flatten my belly. I needed to lose weight.

Six months before the registration, I reached out to Shanika, one of the former titleholders.

I asked her for some weight loss tips because I heard that she had been 48 pounds overweight prior to joining. 

She gave me words of comfort and it turns out she had experienced bloating problems too. I thought bloating was some kind of gastronomical issue just a few people have.

She advised me to visit her dietitian, and the next day, I went there for a check-up. 

I was so desperate that I was willing to do anything.

During our consultation, I described my previous attempts at losing belly bloat.

I tried several different types of vitamins and probiotics. None of them solved my problems, but I did get gas, excessive burping, and flatulence.

Although I would have “healthy foods for the gut,” I failed to experience noticeable results from them.

I even avoided processed foods, but I didn’t feel great.

I didn’t like the generic taste of foods that were supposedly good for my gut. They also weren’t enough to address my digestive problems.

They said eating on time can keep your stomach calm and prevent indigestion. Still, it didn’t work for me.

Rubbing, pushing, laxatives, and stool softeners were the other options I tried for my constipation, which only worsened things. 

I couldn’t forget when I got diarrhea and had to leave a meeting, which was obviously embarrassing.

It made me feel weak and tired, which seriously impacted my ability to focus at work.

It was so frustrating and tiring. 

On a positive note, Dr. Arnold encouraged me that we could work this out.

I handed the pageant flyer to him.

His initial reaction? A smile! 

“I can do it. I still have a few months to prepare,” I told myself.

The doctor talked to me about my weight loss options and also mentioned that some of his patients are happy with the results of natural fiber supplements, some kind of powder.

That same evening, I received an email from Dr. Arnold. Attached was a short video of a pageant icon, still fit and fab with a flat belly at age 70. Her name is Glo Diaz.

I watched the video and was hooked when I saw her wearing a beautiful bodycon dress and her wall full of trophies, medals, and certificates behind her.

I wanted to wear sexy dresses too, without looking like an inflated balloon!

I wanted to have a wall like that too!

I also learned about a health breakthrough that helped her trim down bloat, shed 13 pounds, balance her blood sugar, boost her immunity, and maintain her enticing figure without obsessing over diet or exercise.

No wonder why…

At 70 years old, she’s in better shape than people 40 years younger.

I thought that if I followed her example, I could probably get the same kind of results.

In the video, the same natural powder that Dr. Arnold recommended was mentioned, and Glo Diaz used it to get rid of constipation. 

I looked it up, and it was called ColonBroom. Now I can say that it was the only thing that truly helped me.

I wanted to dig into my gut problem and did some research.

Studies have shown that fiber supplements help bulk up stool for easier passing, regulate bowel movements, increase feelings of fullness, and slow digestion.

It doesn’t produce extra gas, making you less bloated.

You see, as we grow older, we might face an increase in gut disorders.

And for our digestive system to function normally, we need fiber that acts as a natural laxative. 

Fiber is a prebiotic food that we can’t digest, but it nourishes good bacteria in our gut. 

While it’s possible to get prebiotic fibers and natural laxatives by eating fruits and vegetables, there’s no guarantee it’s enough if you’re experiencing gut complications. 


Supplementing psyllium husk, which is a natural prebiotic fiber and bulk-forming laxative, is really important.

When I visited ColonBrooms’s website, there was a simple test I took. The test only took me 60 seconds, and it could help me reach my goal weight in just two months!

I wasn’t sure how this natural powder could really help me at first, but I loved how they would send me a specific blend to address the issues I mentioned.

I was someone who frowned at the taste of most supplements, but this powder had a pleasant taste that reminded me of fresh strawberries. 

I also noticed that I felt lighter and more energetic when I took the supplement twice daily, just as recommended by the quiz results.

And for an aspiring beauty queen like me, taking ColonBroom also gave me loads of confidence. I became more lively once I made certain lifestyle changes.

Then the day of the pageant registration came, and I was selected as one of the official candidates.

That gave me the motivation to move forward.

Long story short…

Out of 30 candidates, I won the title.

Would I recommend natural fiber supplements?

If you want to keep a bloat-free figure and zest as you age, now is the best time to try it.

I honestly didn’t think I won the crown because I was the most beautiful or the sexiest.

My bowels have emptied each morning since taking fiber supplements. And ColonBroom was by far the tastiest natural powder I ever tried.

I enjoyed my meals, but I felt full faster.

No more belly bloat.

No more irregular, hard stool.

No more obsession over cravings.

No more high blood sugar.

No more gut heaviness.

No more slow metabolism.

I felt so happy with how I looked after I lost the extra weight once my gut was finally working properly!

And I believed the judges saw my confidence because it radiated from my performance.

In fact, I was already elated when I walked with my 6-inch heels on stage for three hours proof that I could survive the pageant without passing out. 

A token that I could show my loved ones and display on the wall, just like Glo. I was extremely happy!

My life was completely revolutionized by ColonBroom.

Like me, you’d wish you had known about this earlier. It would have saved us years of frustration. 

All you need is to try a simple test to fix your gut and lose that stubborn weight! 

Try this 1-minute quiz and improve your gut health

Results may vary due to personal features. Always consult a professional for medical advice.


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