7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Try Intermittent Fasting Before Downloading DoFasting

Here’s why most of DoFasting’s users were surprised to find out that a “diet can be this easy and still make you feel so good.”

1. Tailor-Made Programs Created for Each User

Tailor made program

When to start fasting? When to stop? What should you eat during an eating window? Is 16:8 the best fasting ratio for you? Or maybe 5:2? Is it better to skip breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

DoFasting has the answers to every one of these questions and more. The app considers users’ age, weight, goal, lifestyle, tastes in food, and so on to create a fully customized program most professional nutritionists would charge hundreds of dollars for.

2. DoFasting Does All the Thinking, So Users Don’t Have To


“Beep! Now you can eat!”… “Beep, beep! Here’s a meal you are going to love!”… “Beep! No more eating for today!”

It’s like having a personal trainer by your side – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – just MUCH less expensive.

3. Nothing but Delicious Food, Every Single Day

Delicious food

Calling intermittent fasting (IF) a diet doesn’t do this fantastic, non-restrictive eating program any justice.

But just when everyone thought IF couldn’t be any more flexible, DoFasting app was launched and it has allowed people to eat nothing but their favorite foods – and still see results!

Namely, the app analyzes each user’s food preferences to create a meal plan they will actually enjoy. And if they don’t – which is rare – there are always a few alternatives ready to swap in.

4. DoFasting Makes Exercising Fun & Convenient

Fun workout

DoFasting makes short work out of any excuse for not working out – including “I don’t have a gym membership” or “I don’t have time.”

With dozens of different types of workouts to choose from, even the busiest (and laziest) users find something that works for them – and their results improve accordingly.

5. After a Week or Two, Fasting Becomes AUTOMATIC


The best thing about the app is that it uses various methods to encourage the brain to accept this new way of eating and make it a habit.

Once this happens, the rest of the journey is a walk in the park. Fasting quickly becomes a way of life, and the scale keeps showing encouraging digits for good.

6. Stay Educated on Everything Intermittent Fasting


DoFasting has compiled a virtual library of articles, infographics, recommendations, and fasting stories directly in the app. Unsure about the effectiveness of a particular workout routine? Wondering how to stay motivated? Interested in trying out a different fasting schedule or ratio?

All of DoFasting’s educational materials are reliable, useful, and curated to fit an intermittent faster’s needs. Say goodbye to guesswork and get in the know. With a bit of curiosity and a little free time, you’ll become a fasting expert before you know it.

7. Track Your Progress & Results


Not many things in life feel better than looking back and realizing how much progress we made.

DoFasting’s app tracks and remembers every milestone a user completes on their journey, making all those little accomplishments super easy to share and celebrate with others.

Here are people results that did try the DoFasting App for at least 28 days:

before after
Eleanor, 45
Before after
Grace, 42
Before after
Zoe, 28

“Ok, intermittent fasting sounds great! But is it great for ME?”

Take this short 2-minute quiz and find out…


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