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7 Hard Keto Diet Facts You Need To Know Before Starting Keto

A tsunami of new content about the keto diet is flooding the internet, but very few pieces tell the full story. Yes, people do lose weight fast, up to 15lbs in two weeks, but it comes at a price.

If you or a loved one is thinking of starting the keto diet, we wrote this short insider guide for you. We’re holding nothing back, so read every word. 

This will determine whether you will succeed on Keto or not.

#1 – You will feel worse before you feel great.

The first few weeks will be intense. Our lifestyle has conditioned us to use carbs for energy, so when we stop eating carbs, we experience withdrawal, aka, the “keto flu.”

If you don’t drink enough water or don’t supplement with electrolytes, “keto flu” can hit you like a truck. People describe the experience as feeling tired, foggy, even slightly drunk. 

This is your body screaming for sugar — don’t let the carbs win. Drink water, sleep plenty, and up your electrolyte intake. In one week max, you’ll start feeling a LOT better, and your waistline will thank you.

#2 – Don’t start keto unless you have TASTY keto meal ideas ready.


Generic online keto recipes don’t count. It’s important that the keto meals you eat work for YOUR taste buds. Otherwise, sticking to keto long-term will be super tough. 

Pay close attention to this next part: The number one reason people fail on the keto diet is cravings. Guzzling water and eating leafy greens will only get you so far. 

When junk cravings come knocking on your door, you best prepare yourself with healthy alternatives. 

Later in this article, we’ll share a quick way to get thousands of personalized keto meal ideas exclusively for our Health Insider readers.

#3 – There are unexpected positive (and some weird) side effects.

Most of us get into Keto to lose unwanted fat fast. But did you know that the overwhelming majority of keto fans also report more alertness and focus?

Best of all, the increased energy feels stable and lasts throughout the day. It’s the exact opposite of the dreaded, mid-afternoon slump that gets most carb eaters reaching out for yet another cup of coffee. 

On a slightly weirder tone, you might also experience the “keto breath” effect. Some people describe “keto breath” as a funny, metallic taste in the mouth. If that happens, don’t worry. 

It’s a completely harmless sign that shows your body starts burning fat for energy, and it usually goes away within one or two weeks. Decreasing your protein and increasing your consumption of healthy fats (such as avocados, nuts, and olive oil) may improve your breath without forcing you to go off the diet.

#4 – Keto can leave you short on nutrients unless you take a personalized approach. 

How will I get enough minerals and vitamins to sleep well and have more energy? Which healthy foods are sugar bombs? How will I get enough fibers without exceeding my carb limit?

Let’s take healthy food: Think olive oil. How much can you really take in?

There are all important questions, and the answer varies for every person. Everyone can cut carbs and experience a decreased appetite, but that doesn’t mean they’re eating healthy. 

What about water intake or electrolytes — including sodium, potassium, and magnesium?

Maximizing the results of the keto diet requires a personalized approach. 

Just like you need keto meal ideas that you actually LIKE eating, you need a healthy, balanced keto plan that’s based on YOUR system.

#5 – You’ll need to drink more water than you think.  

Drinking water

Hydration is vital no matter what diet you do, but it’s even more critical when you go Keto. 

That’s because when you reduce carbs, your body holds less water. This is good because it eliminates the nasty effects of bloating, but it can lead to constipation.

Don’t be afraid to drink a lot of water. Our brain works at optimal levels when properly hydrated. Plus, taking in water is a great way to feel fuller without getting calories. 

Start your day right by drinking two glasses of water. Then, drink one more glass every other hour. It’s one of the easiest things you can do to improve your health.

#6 – You’ll need to keep track and pay attention to what you eat. 

Food journaling is a great habit to develop. It helps you really focus on what you eat, how it affects your body, and ultimately helps you get better, more sustainable weight loss outcomes.

Check yourself after each meal. What did you eat? How did you feel? How were your energy levels the rest of the day? Did you sleep well at night?

These are all important questions you should track. If that seems like a lot of hassle, consider an app like Keto Cycle that does all the work for you.

#7 – Calories still matter. You need to burn more than you eat. 

So many people drop pounds rapidly during their first weeks of keto that it’s tempting to think calories don’t matter. Unfortunately, that’s not true.

Calories always matter. And even if the ketogenic diet boosts your metabolism and decreases your appetite you still need to burn more than you eat to lose weight. 

Keeping track of your calories during the day is tough, but it’s a surefire way to reduce unwanted fat. 

The problem is finding a hassle-free way to track calories and macros without burdening yourself is difficult. Or is it?

How some people lose weight on Keto without watching calories, counting macros, or experiencing cravings


They take advantage of Keto Cycle’s personalized keto diet plan that takes your age, physical shape, and medical conditions into consideration — then does all the work for you, including meal preparation, counting calories, and optimizing your macros.

Every meal is fine-tuned to your body and based on your eating preferences. This way, you experience fewer cravings, less hunger, and less loss of control.

On top of that, you get access to thousands of personalized keto recipes and healthy meals that taste amazing. 

Keto Cycle designs these meals just for YOU. Unlike generic mass diet meals, personalized meals will keep you feeling full, nourished, and pleasant.

If you follow a personalized keto meal plan, losing weight won’t just happen quickly. It will also be pretty easy.

Here are the results of people that tried this personalized Keto meal plan for at least 28 days.

Margaret, 40
Debra, 43
Virginia, 47

Take a 60-second quiz and find out how much weight YOU could lose in the next 28 days. 

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