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5 Ways to Stay on Keto During the Holidays Without Destroying All the Weight Loss Progress

Last update: Sep 7
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Here’s a familiar scenario. Your vacation is just around the corner, and you can’t wait to relax. 

But one thought keeps plaguing you…

How do I stay keto while I travel and not ruin all the progress I’ve made?

Talk about anxiety! 

You may be considering giving up on your diet or “cheating” all week because you think you won’t have control over your food. 

But you will. 

So take a deep breath. It will all be okay.

According to health and wellness expert Dr. Alexander H. Blackwell, “With a few simple hacks, you can easily stay in ketosis for many vacations – and even lose weight!”

And once you’ve got your nutrition situation under control, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy life.

Dr. Blackwell shares a few simple tips on how to keto-proof your next trip.

#1 – Plan Your Meals

Dr. Blackwell reveals that half of his patients usually feel anxious rather than excited before a long holiday.

“It’s easy to stick to a diet in an environment where you feel most comfortable. At home, you can create routines and habits that support your new lifestyle.” 

New environments, however, are full of temptations.

To avoid urges and binge-eating, Dr. Blackwell recommends planning meals (including snacks) in advance.

“A SINGLE home-cooked meal can save months of weight loss efforts – even if you eat out a lot,” Alexander explains.

Of course, meal planning is a venture you may want to relax from on vacation. 

If you need some help, countless keto apps can do the heavy planning for you. The right tool will help you create a solid plan in minutes – from the comfort of your living room.

After all, leaving meals to fate is one of the reasons many dieters abandon their habits far too often.

meal plan

#2 – Pack Your Own Low-Carb Snacks

Let’s face it – there are plenty of temptations for a snack during a layover at the airport, a pit stop at a gas station, or a stroll around town.

“That bag of chips may seem like a good idea when you’re hungry,” Alexander says. “But unhealthy snacks are one of the reasons people gain weight quickly while on vacation.”

“About 78% of my patients who brought their own snacks were able to maintain their pre-vacation weight,” reveals Dr. Blackwell.

If you need to stock up on snacks while traveling, have a keto-friendly snack list or a pre-made shopping list on your phone, so you don’t go astray at the grocery store.

Even better, try an app that plans personalized keto snacks based on what you enjoy eating, available no matter where you go.
“Snacking on keto is 100% possible. Just plan ahead and be prepared for unexpected cravings,” Alexander adds.

#3 – Fast intermittently

Alexander revealed that he had numerous patients who initially resisted the idea of fasting because it frightened them. 

“But those who tried it were immediately amazed,” Dr. Blackwell says. “Because let’s face it, it does wonders for the body.”

Keto and intermittent fasting are the secret combination that can not only help you stay in ketosis on vacation but even LOSE a few pounds.

Not to mention, it’s incredibly convenient when you’re on the go for hours at a time.

You can roll out of bed, pack your luggage, head to the airport, hop on a plane and head to your destination…

All without having to worry about food. 

That’s the dream, right?


#4 – Be Mindful When Eating-Out

Here is a question that Dr. Blackwell is often asked.

If I’m on the keto diet, can I still go to restaurants?

The answer is yes. Going out to eat on vacation can be half the fun, so you shouldn’t avoid it. 

“The beauty of the keto diet is that you can almost always find good options to eat out,” Alexander suggests. “You just have to be mindful about it.”

“Even if carbs are off the table, there are still good things to enjoy. Steak, chicken, ribs, bacon, cheese – all of these delicious foods fit well into your keto plan.” 

Remember, most handy keto apps offer advice and practical tips on how to eat out without fuss or hassle.

“It’s important to find the right support, so you don’t feel restricted or overwhelmed during your vacation,” reveals Dr. Blackwell. 

#5 – Ensure That Your Beverages Are Low-Carb

“Let me tell you about a patient that I had – Maria – who misunderstood some information on the internet about Coca-Cola and that it’s supposedly “safe” to drink it on keto.”

“What she didn’t understand is that the article was talking about Cola-Zero, which has no sugar and wouldn’t have thrown her out of ketosis. Not regular cola,” reveals Dr. Blackwell.

“That tiny mistake led Maria to reach for the wrong drink – which threw her out of ketosis and unfortunately ruined her months of progress.”

If you’ve been worried about making the same mistake as Maria – relax. You don’t have to drink water to stay low carb on vacation.

Just make sure you plan for the right drinks.

(And don’t rely on scattered information you find on the internet). 

Going it alone can be a difficult decision. It’s always a better idea to have an app on hand to plan your drinks and help you avoid unwanted carbs.

As with meals, it also helps to have a list of keto-friendly drinks in your pocket, so you don’t get lost in temptation.

healthy drink

Taking a Vacation Does not Mean Destroying Your Keto Progress

You may think that the easiest way to take keto on vacation is to not take it at all.

If that’s true, then why can’t you help but feel stressed and full of regret when the pounds you worked so hard to lose are right back on?

Just take a second to imagine… 

…the perfect world where you go on vacation without worrying about gaining weight and regretting everything you ate during your stay. And STILL stay in ketosis.  

But you don’t have to imagine it. The perfect world is already here.  

The SIMPLEST and EASIEST way to maintain the keto lifestyle without starving yourself and restricting delicious foods might just be to have Keto Cycle in your pocket.

If you just HATE planning every meal, counting calories, worrying about what you can and can’t eat, you won’t have to do that a day in your life.

Because the Keto Cycle app will do all that for you.

Your meals will be taken care of. Calories, even carbs – counted. Don’t know what to eat and when to eat? Consider it sorted.

The app goes way beyond a simple meal plan. You also get 10,000 recipes for meals, snacks, and desserts.

The fact that you’ll never run out of options is encouraging, isn’t it?

Keto Cycle even gives you a list of affordable ingredients that you can find at any grocery store, no matter where you are.

You don’t have to imagine your perfect vacation anymore. You can actually have it now – just sit back, relax, and enjoy life.

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