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5 Tips To Faster Ketosis – Ketogenic Diet

Why do some folks lean out easily with keto and others don’t? 

The big secret is learning how to enter ketosis quickly and staying there. Every minute you spend in this intense fat-fighting state zaps unwanted body mass from your problem areas. 

Keep reading to discover 5 proven strategies and enter ketosis in the next 24–48 hours.

#1 – Eat This, Not That

For optimal results, up to 70% of your daily calories must come from fats. But the danger is, not all fatty foods are equal. Some foods are healthier than others.

Healthy fats will fuel your brain and speed up your metabolism. Unhealthy fats will only slow you down.

We’ve prepared a short chart to make this really simple for you.

✅ Avocados and avocado oil❌ Fried foods and corn oil
✅ Nuts❌ Processed meats
✅ Olives and olive oil❌ Cheese (fine, in moderation)
✅ Fatty fish❌ Cream
✅ Full-fat Greek yogurt❌ Cookies & cakes
✅ Egg yolks❌ Pies
✅ Butter❌ All other foods high in trans fats

This chart is a great starting point, but it’s certainly not exhaustive. Everybody’s different, and we all prefer different foods.

This is why people who follow a custom keto meal plan manage their weight more easily. 

#2 – Eat up to 50g carbs a day

Carbs are everywhere, and most of us have learned to enjoy them. But to enter ketosis, you need to limit carbs to 30–50g a day.

If you wish to enter ketosis faster, it’s best to limit or avoid the following foods:

❌ High-sugar content fruit, like grapes and bananas

❌ Grains

❌ Starchy foods

❌ Sweets

❌ Sweeteners


If that sounds difficult, worry not. If you know where to look, managing carbs isn’t hard. It’s downright easy. 

As we’ll soon see, nutritionists have developed thousands of tasty keto alternatives to carbs.

#3 – Protein is great! But only in moderation

Protein-heavy foods are incredibly filling.

Most people don’t know this, but research shows that protein has a higher thermic effect than carbohydrates and fats. 

One-fourth of your protein calories are used to process the food. This means that if you eat 400 calories of protein, you’ll only get 300 calories – great news for your waistline! 

Furthermore, protein helps maintain and build muscle mass. This will come in handy when you enter ketosis and start dropping pounds fast.

But be careful. If you overeat protein, your body will start converting to glucose (sugar) through a process called gluconeogenesis. This will push you out of ketosis.

In an ideal keto meal plan, roughly 20–25% of your calories will come from proteins. So 100–125g of protein for a 2,000-calorie diet. 


#4 – Push breakfast 4 hours later

Or skip breakfast altogether, and jump straight to an early lunch after noon. 

By delaying your first meal, you enter a natural fasting process. Combined with a good night’s sleep, this means you’re giving your body enough time without calories to empty its glycogen stores.

When glycogen runs out, your body starts utilizing the fat deposits in your body. It’s one of the most effective ways to start ketosis and directly target stubborn areas. 

To combat morning hunger, start your day with a lot of water and up to two cups of coffee.

#5 – The ultimate strategy

The ultimate strategy is to follow a keto meal plan you like, and therefore, stick to it over the long term. 

So don’t rush into trying keto without ensuring you can solve the following 3 problems:

✅ Plan ahead to combat cravings. Unless you are extremely disciplined, you’ll likely crave carbs. 

That’s why having keto alternatives at hand’s reach is critical, especially if you like to dine out from time to time.

✅ You need a way to quickly (and accurately) count calories and carbs. Keto is highly effective, but it’s also a knowledge-based diet.

Guessing or estimating the nutrients of your meals won’t cut it. Precision is key. 

✅ Follow a meal plan that considers your food preferences. This is important. There are plenty of ways to eat well on keto.

Keto pizzas, burgers, turkey wraps, and even cheese cupcakes are some of the many delicious options available to you.

The trick is to include them as part of a well-structured, balanced meal plan.

How to structure a balanced keto meal plan made just for you

Consider trusting the popular nutritionist app Keto Cycle to do the work for you. 

It’s a great way to avoid feeling overwhelmed and overcomplicating things. 

You start with a simple quiz. 

It’s easy. All you have to do is tell them your age, height, weight, and food preferences. In the next 2 hours, they send you a custom meal plan to help you reach your dream weight fast and with minimal hunger.

Nutritionists review every meal. This ensures you get the right nutrients to lean out fast but also feel greater energy and health. 

Every meal is based on the foods you select, so it’s guaranteed delicious and satisfying.

Plus, they calculate all your calories and macros, so you don’t have to do any legwork.

Support is continuous and free. They even send you convenient grocery lists every week, so you know exactly what to do.

You can just send a quick message whenever you have questions. It’s like having a nutritionist in your pocket.

People often try Keto Cycle without knowing much about the keto diet. But by the time they’re done, it’s as if they’ve received a complete keto education. 

And their bodies have been completely transformed.

So if you’d like something that’s easy to stick to and provides a steady and effective way to chisel your problem areas…

Without gnawing hunger, low energy, or having to overthink your meals constantly…

You owe it to yourself to give the Keto Cycle’s short quiz a try.

It’s one of the easiest, most straightforward ways to reduce weight.

Try Keto Cycle’s quick 2-minute quiz and receive your own personalized keto meal plan

Disclaimer: Results may vary due to personal features.


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