5 Simple Ways To Get A Summer Body (Naturally)

Bikini season is on. If the idea of showing off skin on the beach gives you shivers, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. 

Detoxes, supplements, and restriction-based dieting — according to Christine Ellis, Ph.D. and Health Insider’s Chief Nutritionist, you don’t need any of that.

And anyone who tries to convince you into believing otherwise doesn’t have your best interests at heart. 

So if you’ve had enough of being asked to buy this or that supplement or superfood… and instead would like to enjoy sustainable weight loss using nothing more than your body’s natural power.

Bring out a pen and prepare to take vigorous notes. 

Because Christine is sharing her top 5 ways to achieve a summer body naturally… all FREE.  

#1 – One cup every morning helps boost your metabolism all day. 

Lemon water

Would you like to know a natural drink that can help you get a flat stomach? Try drinking a cup of lemon water every day on an empty stomach and watch what happens in the next 28 days.

Thanks to this simple, 60-second daily ritual, you will promote hydration, increase satiety, fortify yourself with Vitamin C and multiple powerful antioxidants.

Best, you’ll kickstart your metabolism early. This warms up your fat-burning furnace to work double-time throughout the rest of the day. 

For even better, more immediate results… 

#2 – Push breakfast 4 hours later. 

For significant, lasting, and reliable weight loss during summer… nothing beats intermittent fasting.

When you follow an intermittent fasting plan, you only eat during a specific window of time. 

Some prefer to eat during an 8-hour window, some 10, some go as high as 12. An easy way to get started is to push breakfast a few hours later.

It sounds like starvation, but your body adapts in around a week and you actually experience LESS hunger over the long term. 

Here’s why this approach is so powerful. 

Starting your day with lemon water will power up your metabolism. But if you skip or delay breakfast for 4 hours, your fasted time window will naturally increase…

So your metabolism will start burning fat quicker and more directly

It’s one of the most reliable ways to reduce problem areas like the thighs, midsection, and underarms. 

#3 – Log your calories, macros, and water intake. 

Fating Clock

I strongly encourage you to follow an intermittent fasting plan to lose weight fast this summer. 

But there’s a caveat. 

If you rush into intermittent fasting as a beginner, you may encounter issues with hunger. 

Sometimes hunger is psychological. But for the most part, it’s a sign that you’re not providing your body all the nutrients it needs. 

The easiest way to ensure you’re covering your nutritional needs is to follow a personalized fasting diet. Adapted to you based on your age, weight, body type, meal preferences, allergies, and health conditions.

Then logging your calories, macros, and water intake into a journal every day to make sure you’re on the right track. 

I understand this can be a bit time-consuming. Thankfully, there are apps like DoFasting that do all the hard work for you.  

#4 – Follow a weight loss program that suits your lifestyle. 

The best weight loss program is the weight loss program you can stick to. 

This is why a restriction-based diet rarely works long-term. You may have experienced this yourself.

When a diet starts with… 

“You can’t have that.” “You can’t eat those.” “You can’t… you can’t… you can’t…”

Weight loss rarely lasts. You usually put the weight you lost back on. And may even add some extra for good measure.

How to avoid this mistake? 

Reject diets that restrict you or have you adhere to arbitrary rules and guidelines. 

Many intermittent fasting programs have arbitrary rules. For example, “you must fast for 20 hours.” That’s a recipe for disaster. Your fasting program should evolve to suit your lifestyle. 

There’s no single “best way” to do things, and what works for you is not the same as what worked for others. 

This is why I admire DoFasting’s nutritionist team so much. If you don’t enjoy the personalized fasting program they make for you (or simply want to try something new)… they’ll create a new plan for you. 

It’s the perfect way to experiment healthily and find a plan that works for you and your lifestyle. 

#5 – Never let Google tell you what to eat. Try this instead…

Searching on google

The biggest mistake I see people make when trying (and failing) to lose weight is that they follow generic, mass diets. 

Usually, they google a few articles online and try to figure it all out on their own.

Don’t fall for that trap. Unless you have a background in nutritional science, it’s tough to know what to eat to lose weight fast while also improving your health.

Everybody can reduce food dramatically and drop a few pounds. But it’s never sustainable. It’s also unhealthy. 

On the flip side, if your meal plan is personalized to your individual needs, losing weight becomes ten times easier and two times as effective.

A personalized meal plan ensures your nutritional needs are covered. This means no cravings, no emotional eating, no irritability, or low energy. 

Instead, it means enjoying clearer skin, more pleasant mood, and consistently losing weight every week without plateaus. 

A reliable way to get a summer body fast.

Let’s recap. If you want to transform your body for summer, my most actionable tips are the following.

First, skip or delay breakfast. You can enjoy lemon water (or black coffee) instead. 

Secondly, try intermittent fasting, particularly a personalized intermittent fasting program. 

The personalization part is key. This is what will allow you to stick to the plan long-term and avoid hunger and overeating. 

Then log your calories, macros, and water intake every day. This will allow you to track your progress and push you in the right direction.

Finally, don’t overcomplicate things. Follow a weight loss plan that doesn’t overwhelm you. 

The only point of a diet is to improve your quality of life. 

And if you’d like to simplify things to the max and enjoy sustainable weight loss without doing any of the work yourself… 

Then perhaps you may benefit by trying DoFasting’s intermittent fasting program.

What is DoFasting?

DoFasting is a complete intermittent fasting management mobile app. To get started, you answer a few routine questions about your health.

Such as your current weight, target weight, age, food preferences, activity level, preferred fasting schedule, and so forth.

Then, based on this information, DoFasting’s nutritionists prepare a personalized intermittent fasting plan for you. 

You’ll get thousands of meal recipes made just for you, neatly organized for you in categories (including stews, pasta, snacks, salads, desserts, ready in under 10 minutes, and more). 

So you can cover all your nutritional needs in the most delicious way possible. 

As a nutritionist, I can safely say there’s no better way to reduce unwanted weight than following a personalized intermittent fasting plan. 

On top of that, the app will calculate all your calories, carbs, water intake, fasting time, and more for you. So you won’t have to do any of the legwork. 

You’ll even get notifications when it’s your time to eat your next meal. 

You literally won’t have to think or worry about food at all. 

Finally, DoFasting’s team went the extra mile and added a personal training component to the app. 

If you decide to try DoFasting, you’ll receive special access to an exclusive workout collection.

These workouts adapt to your fitness level.

So they start slow, but they can help you grow stronger and break an exceptional sweat if you keep making progress. 

To sum up…

DoFasting is almost like having a nutritionist, a personal trainer, and a personal assistant that does the diet legwork for you in your pocket. 

The quiz takes 60 seconds to complete and is 100% free.  

And even if you don’t commit to DoFasting’s full personalized intermittent fasting program… 

You’re still going to love how this simple 60-second quiz will help you find out what TRULY works for you.

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