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5 Non-Obvious Questions That Make or Break Many Keto Diets

Yes, Keto works. BUT, you’ll first want to read this foolproof checklist that can save you years of pain down the road…

You know the keto diet works…

You’ve seen countless success stories and read the tsunami of new content that’s flooding the internet with success stories right now.

But something’s not right.

It’s as if you’re doing everything right. You’ve cut down on carbs and loaded up on healthy fats…

But like a square peg in a round hole, things aren’t falling into their place as they should be.

And worst of all – your scale won’t budge.

What gives, right?!

Here’s the thing:

The ketogenic diet allows you to enjoy those high-fat, tasty meals, and almost magically, helps you lose weight. Without needing to suppress your appetite.

But there’s a catch…

What you’re about to read is a list of questions that can make or break your keto diet. They might also reveal potential mistakes or knowledge gaps you’ve had until now.

If you want to melt that stubborn fat and keep it off, continue reading.

In the end, we’ll reveal one clever way you can consistently lose weight, without subjecting yourself to late-night cravings or supposedly healthy substitutes that just make you feel worse.

1. Are You Rushing Into It?

girl takes a lunch

One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to the keto diet is rushing into it too quickly.

You see stories of someone losing up to 10lbs in under a month, decide you want in on the fun, only to come out disappointed.

Or, different scenario: You tried a keto diet and it worked well for you, up until it didn’t…

Unfortunately, it’s common to see people making serious progress with keto, only to suddenly gain all the weight back on. 

It happens. And it can be gut-wrenching, yes.

But in reality, Keto can be THE most sustainable diet you’ll be on. 

As long as you plan ahead and you’re prepared.

Unlike many other fad diets out there, keto is a knowledge-based diet.

You might see a seemingly simple keto plan someone else used to lose weight, copy their exact routine and meal plans, only to find out it doesn’t work for you.

This is because there is no one-size-fits-all keto meal plan.

And the reason many people pile all this weight back on is because they’re not following a personalized keto plan.

Your body is unique and so are your taste buds.

The key to successfully sticking to a long-term keto plan is having keto-friendly meals planned ahead that work for YOUR taste buds.

This way, you also get the added benefit of eating what you like while losing weight.

Unless your keto journey is based around what you like, you might face some difficulties along the way.

Meanwhile, if you follow a personalized keto diet plan, you can keep the weight off for good AND avoid the common challenges people face.

2. Are You Falling For This Popular Keto Myth?

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Want in on a little secret?

The nutrition industry is hopelessly broken. 

Instead of helping people improve their lives, health, and overall physical appearance, the health world is filled with lies, myths, and scams.

There’s a lot people still don’t understand about this “trendy” diet.

For one, there’s a popular misconception that you can eat as much fat as you can. In reality, a Harvard-certified study claims that one “standard” keto diet consists of an average of 70-80% fat from daily calories, 5-10% carbohydrate, and 10-20% protein (I)

And while a keto diet has to be rich in fats, your daily meals shouldn’t consist of saturated fats only. Obviously, you should prioritize healthy fats instead (olive oil, salmon, avocados, etc.)

But if you want to gain maximum benefits from keto, you should know there are a few different versions of the keto diet. 

A high-protein keto diet, a cyclical diet, the “lazy” keto, and many more…

It can be easy to get overwhelmed.

So, if you’ve tried one version in the past only for it not to work out, don’t worry, there’s hope just yet.

And you shouldn’t take the above ratio as a golden rule either.

It’s far too easy to slip into too many of this or too little of that.

Now, if you think that figuring out the perfect keto meal plan ratio sounds like a whole lot of work, don’t worry – you’re not the only one.

But before you give up on keto, you need to ask yourself if you’ve done everything in your power to achieve results.

Because, if you are doing keto right, you will see results.

And if you want to get the best results, you should follow a keto plan personalized for YOU.

We’ll show you how to do this below – keep on reading.

3. Are You Adjusting Your Expectations?


Many people refer to keto weight loss as a journey. That’s because it is one.

And one aspect people struggle with this journey is the anxiety that comes with it.

Yes, keto does limit you with the types of foods you’ll be eating. But no, the anxiety is not because of missing sugar or grain.

Rather, the reason you’re feeling overwhelmed with anxiety could have a lot to do with what you’re NOT eating, rather than what you are.

According to a leading dietitian and nutritionist expert:

“If you’re skipping pasta and swapping out sandwiches, it’s important to watch your mood, because yes, there is a scientific link between this meal plan and that low (or high) grade hum of unease, typical to anxiety.”

– says Lyndi Cohen.

Fortunately, this is easier to avoid than you might think.

On average, it takes around a week or two for the body to adjust to a new lifestyle. This includes a new meal plan.

Sounds like a long time?

Guess what, if you follow a personalized plan that includes most of your favorite foods, these weeks will pass by sooner than you think.

There’s no reason why a healthy lifestyle has to suck.

Substitutes exist. And if you think that nothing can substitute that perfect plate of spaghetti alla Carbonara, just wait until you read our solution at the end.

Most people don’t realize how many carbs are in common, healthy foods you can still eat every day.

4. Are You Listening to Your Body?

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This is an important point.

If you want to continue losing weight without any pain or discomfort, you need to be actively listening to your body.

Food journaling, for one, is a great habit to develop while on keto. It helps you focus on what you eat, and more importantly, how it makes you feel.

Ultimately, this will help you achieve more sustainable weight loss goals.

If you’re on a diet, eating what you hate, and you lose weight – what’s the point, right?

That’s not very sustainable long-term, and if anything, it will just cause more stress and anxiety. You might even gain the lost weight back if you’re constantly unhappy and your food is actively giving you anxiety.

Listen to your body.

Ask yourself: What did you just eat? How did it make you feel? How were your energy levels the rest of the day? How was your sleep?

It might seem like a lot of hassle, but if you’re doing keto right, it’s important you track this info.

Just as important as it is to listen to your body, you also need to know the answers to questions like:

  • How many calories do I need to lose weight?
  • What healthy foods are sugar bombs?
  • How much should I be losing per week?
  • Which foods are sugarless and can still scratch that craving itch?
  • How will I get enough vitamins and energy to sleep well and have more energy?

One way to take the hardship away from tracking specific details and to make sure you’re reaching your intake goals is through a personalized keto meal plan app like Keto Cycle.

If your keto journey is fine-tuned specifically for your body, you can experience some drastic changes, without any hardships.

You will lose weight quickly and melt off that extra weight because you’ll experience less hunger, fewer cravings, and feel more in control.

Keep on reading to check out some before and after-s of this in the end.

5. Are You Personalizing Your Keto Diet?

keto diet planning

Personalized diets are kind of a new trend.

But it makes sense when you think about it.

No two human bodies are alike in this world, what worked for someone else might not work for you.

You might have more stubborn belly fat (which is absolutely natural), or your metabolism might be slower.

No one is metabolically identical (or in any other way, really).

And the reason most wellness diets don’t work is because they follow a certain, repeating pattern – eat at certain times, train five times a week, meal prep with very specific ingredients in advance, you get the gist…

Now, that might be possible for someone working part-time in their 20s. But let’s be real, for most of us – that’s next to impossible.

What if you have a crazy work schedule? While taking care of three kids and you can barely find a minute to grab a bite? Let alone something healthy.

A sustainable weight loss solution should work WITH your lifestyle. Not turn it on its head.

There is no one-size-fits-all calorie plan. And unless you have a Ph.D. in nutritional science, customizing a “mass diet” to an individual is kind of hard…

When personalizing a diet, one needs to take into consideration the specific intakes for protein, fat, carbs, and calories we need every single day. 

Then there’s micronutrients, the timing of when you eat, food quality, how different nutrients interact with each other… You get the point.

The most reliable way to experience consistent, long-term weight loss is through a personalized diet program.

The kind of sustainable weight loss that’s measured in months and years. Not days and weeks.

But implementing a massive lifestyle change is scary and takes a lot of commitment and planning, right? 

This begs the question:

What Is The Best Way to Lose Weight Consistently For The Long-Term, Without Counting Every Single Calorie, Experiencing Cravings, And With 0 Exercise?

The answer is surprisingly simple.

You can take advantage of Keto Cycle’s personalized keto diet plan that takes your age, physical shape, how much time you have each day, type of meals you like to eat, medical conditions and more, into consideration.

Then, it comes up with a personalized plan, fine-tuned for your body and your preferences

This way, you experience fewer cravings, less hunger, eat what you like – and STILL manage to lose weight.

On top of that, everything is calculated and personalized for you.

If you’re finding it hard to muster the motivation to follow regular diet plans, know that when a simple keto quiz does all the hard work for you, following the plan becomes MUCH easier. 

As a cherry on top, you also gain access to 1,000+ recipes, with simple ingredients that you can easily find in your local grocery store.

You get a balanced plan for each meal of the day, and all you have to do is follow simple instructions on what to buy. Or, if something’s not to your liking, you can swap out ingredients in your recipes, while still hitting your macros.

Losing weight becomes a breeze when everything is already prepared for you, with healthy substitutes ready to defeat each craving standing in your way.

Imagine losing weight without food anxiety or having to worry about what to eat.

This includes when you’re out celebrating with friends, for those late night snacks, or when you’re craving something non-keto.

You’ll be ready with keto-friendly substitutes and KetoCycle to hold your hand through each occasion, with meal plans ready and advice on what to eat.

Sounds too good to be true?

Here are the results of people who tried this personalized keto meal plan for at least 28 days

Margaret, 40
Debra, 43
before and after
Debra, 47

Take this 2 minute free quiz to learn how much weight YOU could lose in the next 28 days and gain more control over your body now


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