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5 Hacks How to Go Keto Without Food Cravings

Hundreds and thousands of people are swearing by the keto diet and its benefits. Delicious, fatty, and satiating meals make this weight loss approach very attractive. Yet, keto is considered to be quite a restrictive diet, as carbs and sugar are barely allowed.

Many people face food cravings that trouble their keto, slow down the weight loss process, or even make them gain weight at the end.

We prepared 5 hacks that can help to make your keto craving free. We hope this article will help you better understand the reasons behind hunger pangs and how to fight them.

Transition slowly

Step by step

Once you find out about the keto diet and benefits it offers, it’s understandable you want to jump right in and experience them for yourself. 

However, if you’re someone who’s used to having a lot of carbs in their diet, it’s almost inevitable to have a hard time going cold turkey.

Getting away from the carbs can be compared to getting away from alcohol, cigarettes, and other addictions or pseudo addictions. It gets easier to say no in time.

Help yourself by making keto transition slow. Start by practicing a low carb diet. Or simply do a week or two of a diet with no added sugar. 

It is very important to set good ground if you want a smooth keto experience.

Make sure you’re getting enough vitamins, minerals & electrolytes

Vitamins, Minerals and Electrolytes

Making sure you’re not lacking any minerals and electrolytes is another crucial part of successful keto diet. It is important to realize, that cravings oftentimes come as a result of a deficiency in certain nutrients. The body sends signals you’re lacking certain materials. The best way to eliminate those deficiencies is by consuming foods that compensate. Sometimes the body isn’t sure what to crave for, so it ends up craving everything. 

You can prevent yourself from having these experiences by consuming enough vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes with food. Avocados are a good choice as they have a lot of magnesium, potassium, and other essential nutrients. Some people report adding a pinch of salt to their butter coffee helps to eliminate cravings as well.

Or you can choose to help yourself by taking supplements.

Go for a walk

Food cravings often have a lot to do with mental state. If you just got into an argument with your family member, heard some negative feedback from your boss, or simply feel like you’re having a bad day it’s likely food will seem like an easily accessible comfort. Comfort foods tend to be high in carbs, therefore, you should seek for other, healthy methods to comfort you. 

Whenever you feel like grabbing a chocolate bar to improve your mood, simply go outside for a walk. This will clear your mind and won’t mess up your ketosis. 

Getting out of the house, getting out of the office, and taking a fresh breath for 5 to 15 minutes can do a lot more than you think.

Having said that, make sure to always keep your mental health in check. Enjoy the sunny days, active leisure, and company of good friends. The importance of a healthy mind should not be overlooked. 

Get enough sleep

Have you ever noticed you crave way more food, especially carbs, on the days you’re tired? That’s simply because your body is trying to compensate for not getting enough rest. Your body sees carbs as the fastest way to increase energy levels. Yet, consuming processed, sugary products can result in messing your energy levels even more. Eating a chocolate bar can save you for half an hour, but then the cycle continues. So make sure you honor your sleep. Getting plenty of good rest makes saying no to carb cravings much easier.

Don’t hesitate to seek assistance

Keto diet provides incredible results, but only if it’s done correctly. Occasional food, especially carb cravings are almost inevitable. Yet, if you’re constantly thinking about filling yourself with food and the hacks mentioned aren’t enough, the way you’re doing keto might actually be the problem. Hitting the right proportion (75:25:5) of macronutrients is essential for your body to enter ketosis. It might be that you’re eating too many carbs or even protein, which prevents you from burning fat for fuel. This means your body is still seeking its usual source of energy – carbs. 

A wholesome keto diet that would suit your exact nutrient needs is almost impossible to find on the internet. Consider getting a meal plan to make sure you’re doing keto the right way. 

To create your personalized, wholesome keto diet, visit KetoCycle. They offer professional assistance through KetoCycle App and through a web version as well.

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