5 BIG Mistakes People Make When Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes doesn’t have to mean constant diet failures, daily spikes in blood sugar levels or constant fatigue and tiredness. Here’s 5 big mistakes made by most people when managing their Type 2 Diabetes… and what to do instead.

Everybody makes mistakes, but when it comes to Managing Type 2 Diabetes, the fewer mistakes you make, the better your health will be.

Today, with more people diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes than ever before it’s never been so important to manage it correctly… and on this page, I look at five of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to managing their Type 2 Diabetes – and what they should be doing, instead.

#1 Mistake: Cutting Out ALL “White Foods”

Many nutritionists and so-called health experts will tell patients with Type 2 Diabetes to cut out as many white foods – carbohydrates – as possible… the second a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis is handed down.

This is an overly simplistic approach – and, from what I’ve seen – it also never works. Here’s why:

Foods like pasta, bread and rice – they’re staples in virtually all diets around the world, and many Type 2 Diabetes patients who stop eating them find their blood sugar levels haven’t improved at all!

That’s because… when it comes to diabetes, it’s the TOTAL carbohydrate content of your meals and snacks – and WHEN you eat them – that really matters. Instead of completely cutting out carbs, look, instead to including them as part of a balanced diet. It’s a good idea to work with your dietitian to come up with an achievable “daily carb goal”…

Allowing you to enjoy foods you like – while keeping Type 2 Diabetes in ‘check’ and ensuring blood sugar levels don’t rise too high.

#2 Mistake: Following Conventional Eating Patterns

Most people with Type 2 Diabetes are told to keep carbohydrates low, lower their daily caloric intake and eat only small meals throughout the day. The goal of this is to try and keep blood pressure levels steady.

Unfortunately, however, these conventional eating plans can cause incredible hunger cravings and increased appetite – and sufferers then end up fixating on thoughts of food and eating. 

Now, it’s not just Type 2 Diabetes sufferers are up against… they’re battling psychological symptoms, too.

The abundance of poorly-constructed or factually incorrect Type 2 Diabetes plans out there today means that’s it more important than ever those with Type 2 Diabetes are following the right eating plan for their specific needs…

And one app – MyDiabetes – is helping Americans do just that, putting together a custom, personalized eating plan designed to help maintain blood sugar levels, ward off hunger cravings and best-manage symptoms.

#3 Mistake: Avoiding Fats

When it comes to losing weight, getting rid of excess “fat” is usually the main goal. However, fat itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

And there are such things as good and bad fats. The good fats – those found in healthy foods like avocados, eggs, nuts and fish – are actually essential to a healthy, balanced diet

And these “good fats” can actually play a highly positive role in managing the impact of Type 2 Diabetes.

While it’s important to cut out as many bad fats as possible – ensuring your diet has enough GOOD fats is important… and is a really easy and simple way to improve your diet and ensure your body’s getting enough of the good stuff it needs, to thrive.

#4 Mistake: Exercising Too Much

While exercise can be a great way of helping the body stay fit and healthy, many people with Type 2 Diabetes exercise incorrectly, which can end up worsening symptoms.

For example, the American Council on Exercise 1 recommends avoiding working out completely if glucose levels are 250 milligrams per deciliter or greater. Similarly, if glucose levels are below 100 mg/dL, it’s advised to eat a snack before working out – a slice of toast with peanut butter or a yoghurt should do the job.

Still, while exercise can be incredibly beneficial to your health – improving strength, maintaining healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose levels – and even helping to maintain insulin sensitivity…

For those suffering with Type 2 Diabetes, exercise is rarely enough – and too much of it can often end up being detrimental.

For those looking to incorporate exercise into their Type 2 Diabetes management plan, consider combining it with a special Diabetes program (such as MyDiabetes) as this will increase the likelihood of success.

#5 Mistake: Going It Alone

Being told you have Type 2 Diabetes is never an easy thing to accept, and many people end up trying to go it alone – assuming they know best, or that they’ll be able to manage symptoms on their own.

Unfortunately, there’s a reason why medical professionals train their entire careers to work with Type 2 Diabetes patients… and that’s because it’s not an easy illness to deal with.

Thankfully, with the RIGHT support it is possible to manage symptoms – but it’s vital that you don’t go the journey alone.

MyDiabetes is one of the world’s best apps for those suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, and its leading, state-of-the-art technology provides guidance for sufferers, from personalized meal plans to expert nutrition advice.

So, What Is The Solution To Successful Managing (or Preventing) Type 2 Diabetes?

It can be daunting to manage Type 2 Diabetes… lose weight… and eat a balanced, healthy diet that doesn’t leave you feeling hungry and irritable all the time…

And for those wanting to understand which foods their bodies need – and how often they should be eating them…

They’ll want to check out an app called MyDiabetes.

It’s easy to download on iOS and Android devices, and after answering a few simple questions it presents you with an easy-to-follow diabetes management plan and diet – crafted by expert nutritionists!

Get started today and try it yourself using the link below…

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