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4 Reasons Why Most People Over The Age of 70 Fail At Keto Diet

If you’re over 70, your metabolism is slower than when you were in your 20s or 30s. But you know this. 

What you may not know is that most popular diets don’t consider this at all. They try an ineffective, one-size-fits-all approach: Asking you to eat the same types of foods whether you’re 20 or 50 or 70. 

So it gets harder to lose weight and easier to gain it back as you age. That’s a big issue because studies show unwanted weight can cause tremendous health problems like a stroke, hypertension, and osteoarthritis.

If you’d like to lose unwanted fat fast and avoid the worst of aging, then the Ketogenic diet may be the shortcut you need.

The Ketogenic diet allows you to enjoy delicious meals, lose weight fast, yet feel as energized as you were 40 years ago. 

Should you try the Ketogenic diet?

Here are some of the reasons why you should. As you age, this is what happens:

  • Your metabolism starts to slow down, causing weight gain.
  • Sleep quality and energy levels decrease.
  • Skin becomes less elastic. 
  • The mind becomes slower, and memory grows weaker. 
  • You develop digestive issues and back problems.
  • Muscle loss starts.
  • Sex drive decreases (and even starts to vanish).

A proper ketogenic diet can slow down these processes and help you enjoy radically better health.

But there’s a catch: If you try to start following a keto diet on your own using recipes you find online, you may get in trouble. It’s tough to prepare a meal plan that covers all your nutritional needs.

Let’s explore what can happen if you try to start following the keto diet without help. Keep reading to learn more about 4 grave but alarmingly common mistakes people make.

#1 Mistake: Trying To Avoid Cravings

over 60

We all love carbohydrates, so when we restrict them because of the keto diet, it’s easy to experience cravings.

If we’re not careful, this can lead to overeating and start a vicious cycle. We might lose some weight, but the weight will pour back in within weeks.

If you love eating carb-heavy snacks or meals, here’s a pro tip:

Don’t fight it. Prevent it. Replace high-carb foods with low-carb, high-fat meals, and you will reach satiety faster. Plus, you will speed up your metabolism.

But how can you burn fat when you eat more fat? Surprisingly, the science is clear. When we limit carbs and get energy from healthy fat sources, we enter a state called ketosis. 

Ketosis is an intense, fat-burning state. Instead of using carbohydrates for energy, our body starts to use our fat as fuel. It’s the big secret behind why the ketogenic diet works so powerfully at any age. 

Furthermore, studies show that the keto diet also leads to an automatic reduction in hunger (study) and helps lower blood sugar and insulin levels drastically.

It works so well that 95% of participants reduced or outright eliminated their diabetes medication within six months in one study. (study). 

Please note: The immense health benefits of ketogenic diets are well established in nutrition science, but we don’t recommend rushing into a low-carb lifestyle. It’s always smarter to gradually ease into it by following a carefully balanced meal plan.

How to Avoid Cravings & Emotional Eating?

Important: To lose weight without hunger, you need a meal plan that takes your age, physical shape, and medical conditions into consideration. The best approach is a balance of carbs, fiber, fats, and protein. More on that later.

#2 Mistake: Eating Foods That Slow Down Your Metabolism

Some people have a faster metabolism than others. You know them. For them staying slim is easy. They don’t watch their calories. They don’t even exercise.

These people won the genetic lottery.

But we can gain this superpower too if we make two strategic choices. 

Consume foods that can increase our metabolism:

  • Zinc, selenium, and iron-rich foods like meat, seafood, legumes, nuts, and seeds;
  • oolong and green tea may increase metabolism by 4–10%. This could add up to burning an extra 100 calories per day;
  • Spices like ginger, grains of paradise, and cayenne pepper;
  • Apple cider vinegar;
  • Coconut oil.

Avoid foods that can decrease our metabolism:

  • Refined grains (pasta, bread, and pizzas)
  • Traditional yogurt (has plenty of added sugar)
  • Soda drinks & fruit juice (has plenty of added sugar)
  • Frozen meals
  • Alcohol

Please note: Not all keto dishes are equal. Even though the keto diet is great for people over 70, to get the best results, you need to follow a personalized plan which doesn’t slow down your metabolism.

#3 Mistake: Giving Up Too Early

Give up

How to Continuously Break Through New Levels of Fat Loss, Quickly and Effortlessly?

Everyone hits a weight loss plateau at some point in their weight loss journey. This can feel disheartening, and it’s easy to go back to your previous routine.

The surprising outcome of aging is that your old routines do not work anymore. You need to build new ones that celebrate the new stage of your life.

Quitting is never the best strategy. The trick is to acknowledge the situation and try new routines.

To increase your fat loss momentum and overcome a weight loss plateau, you have to build healthier habits strategically. 

– nutritionist Christine Ellis

Before giving up on the ketogenic diet, ask yourself if you’ve done everything in your power to achieve results.

This may include improving your sleep quality, adding more cardio into your daily routine, or drinking more water.

#4 Mistake: Feeling Scared of Cholesterol

How to Increase ‘Healthy’ Cholesterol?

There is a wrong way to follow the keto diet, and there is a right way.

You can eat bacon 24/7 and call it “keto.” Technically it’s true, but it’s not a healthy approach.

Bacon contains many trans fats and saturated fats that raise “bad” cholesterol levels in your blood. This increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

But as you may know, some forms of cholesterol are good for your health.

Here are some of the best foods to increase healthy cholesterol and improve your health:

  1. Calcium supplement pills
  2. Cranberry juice
  3. Grapefruit
  4. Oatmeal cookies
  5. Dark chocolate

Keto is effective and healthy only if you manage to balance out your meals. You must follow a proper program and eat healthy unsaturated fats.

Three Reasons to Try The Keto Diet as Soon as Possible

Many people make the mistake of waiting, but the earlier you start the ketogenic diet, the better. It really can have life-changing, positive effects on your body, health, and mind. 

But if you wait too much, it may be too late to enjoy these benefits. 

Switching to a keto diet when you turn 70 is imperative for three reasons.

  • One, you will radically improve your health because it’s one of the most proven eating strategies.
  • You will quickly decrease weight and unwanted fat, so you transform your body and have more energy. 
  • You will be able to keep the weight off over the long term because you’ll experience less hunger, cravings, and loss of control. 

If you follow a balanced keto diet, this won’t only happen quickly. It also will be pretty easy.

Keep scrolling to see some people over 70 that already managed to reach their weight loss goals without EVER feeling restricted by a low-carb lifestyle:

Sophia, 72
Sophia, 72
Emma, 70
Emma, 70
Isabella, 74
Isabella, 74

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  For safety reasons, we recommend everyone to consult with their doctor before starting any diet.



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  2. I have bacon,eggs for breakfast,salad for lunch,steak for dinner
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    1. Your eating sounds like something I could do! How is this working for you???

  3. Hang in there ! It’s healthy food.Drink as much water as you can stand! I’ve lost 8 pounds since 1/1/21… but have cheated some and had to start again …

    1. How do you know the sizes of the portions in Keto ?

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