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4 Reasons Why Most People Over The Age of 70 Fail At Keto Diet

If you’re over 70, your metabolism is slower than when you were in your 20s or 30s. But you know this. 

What you may not know is that most popular diets don’t consider this at all. They try an ineffective, one-size-fits-all approach: Asking you to eat the same types of foods whether you’re 20 or 50 or 70. 

So it gets harder to lose weight and easier to gain it back as you age. That’s a big issue because studies show unwanted weight can cause tremendous health problems like a stroke, hypertension, and osteoarthritis.

If you’d like to lose unwanted fat fast and avoid the worst of aging, then the Ketogenic diet may be the shortcut you need.

The Ketogenic diet allows you to enjoy delicious meals, lose weight fast, yet feel as energized as you were 40 years ago. 

Should you try the Ketogenic diet?

Here are some of the reasons why you should. As you age, this is what happens:

  • Your metabolism starts to slow down, causing weight gain.
  • Sleep quality and energy levels decrease.
  • Skin becomes less elastic. 
  • The mind becomes slower, and memory grows weaker. 
  • You develop digestive issues and back problems.
  • Muscle loss starts.
  • Sex drive decreases (and even starts to vanish).

A proper ketogenic diet can slow down these processes and help you enjoy radically better health.

But there’s a catch: If you try to start following a keto diet on your own using recipes you find online, you may get in trouble. It’s tough to prepare a meal plan that covers all your nutritional needs.

Let’s explore what can happen if you try to start following the keto diet without help. Keep reading to learn more about 4 grave but alarmingly common mistakes people make.

#1 Mistake: Trying To Avoid Cravings

over 60

We all love carbohydrates, so when we restrict them because of the keto diet, it’s easy to experience cravings.

If we’re not careful, this can lead to overeating and start a vicious cycle. We might lose some weight, but the weight will pour back in within weeks.

If you love eating carb-heavy snacks or meals, here’s a pro tip:

Don’t fight it. Prevent it. Replace high-carb foods with low-carb, high-fat meals, and you will reach satiety faster. Plus, you will speed up your metabolism.

But how can you burn fat when you eat more fat? Surprisingly, the science is clear. When we limit carbs and get energy from healthy fat sources, we enter a state called ketosis. 

Ketosis is an intense, fat-burning state. Instead of using carbohydrates for energy, our body starts to use our fat as fuel. It’s the big secret behind why the ketogenic diet works so powerfully at any age. 

Furthermore, studies show that the keto diet also leads to an automatic reduction in hunger (study) and helps lower blood sugar and insulin levels drastically.

It works so well that 95% of participants reduced or outright eliminated their diabetes medication within six months in one study. (study). 

Please note: The immense health benefits of ketogenic diets are well established in nutrition science, but we don’t recommend rushing into a low-carb lifestyle. It’s always smarter to gradually ease into it by following a carefully balanced meal plan.

How to Avoid Cravings & Emotional Eating?

Important: To lose weight without hunger, you need a meal plan that takes your age, physical shape, and medical conditions into consideration. The best approach is a balance of carbs, fiber, fats, and protein. More on that later.

#2 Mistake: Eating Foods That Slow Down Your Metabolism

Some people have a faster metabolism than others. You know them. For them staying slim is easy. They don’t watch their calories. They don’t even exercise.

These people won the genetic lottery.

But we can gain this superpower too if we make two strategic choices. 

Consume foods that can increase our metabolism:

  • Zinc, selenium, and iron-rich foods like meat, seafood, legumes, nuts, and seeds;
  • oolong and green tea may increase metabolism by 4–10%. This could add up to burning an extra 100 calories per day;
  • Spices like ginger, grains of paradise, and cayenne pepper;
  • Apple cider vinegar;
  • Coconut oil.

Avoid foods that can decrease our metabolism:

  • Refined grains (pasta, bread, and pizzas)
  • Traditional yogurt (has plenty of added sugar)
  • Soda drinks & fruit juice (has plenty of added sugar)
  • Frozen meals
  • Alcohol

Please note: Not all keto dishes are equal. Even though the keto diet is great for people over 70, to get the best results, you need to follow a personalized plan which doesn’t slow down your metabolism.

#3 Mistake: Giving Up Too Early

Give up

How to Continuously Break Through New Levels of Fat Loss, Quickly and Effortlessly?

Everyone hits a weight loss plateau at some point in their weight loss journey. This can feel disheartening, and it’s easy to go back to your previous routine.

The surprising outcome of aging is that your old routines do not work anymore. You need to build new ones that celebrate the new stage of your life.

Quitting is never the best strategy. The trick is to acknowledge the situation and try new routines.

To increase your fat loss momentum and overcome a weight loss plateau, you have to build healthier habits strategically. 

– nutritionist Christine Ellis

Before giving up on the ketogenic diet, ask yourself if you’ve done everything in your power to achieve results.

This may include improving your sleep quality, adding more cardio into your daily routine, or drinking more water.

#4 Mistake: Feeling Scared of Cholesterol

How to Increase ‘Healthy’ Cholesterol?

There is a wrong way to follow the keto diet, and there is a right way.

You can eat bacon 24/7 and call it “keto.” Technically it’s true, but it’s not a healthy approach.

Bacon contains many trans fats and saturated fats that raise “bad” cholesterol levels in your blood. This increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

But as you may know, some forms of cholesterol are good for your health.

Here are some of the best foods to increase healthy cholesterol and improve your health:

  1. Calcium supplement pills
  2. Cranberry juice
  3. Grapefruit
  4. Oatmeal cookies
  5. Dark chocolate

Keto is effective and healthy only if you manage to balance out your meals. You must follow a proper program and eat healthy unsaturated fats.

Three Reasons to Try The Keto Diet as Soon as Possible

Many people make the mistake of waiting, but the earlier you start the ketogenic diet, the better. It really can have life-changing, positive effects on your body, health, and mind. 

But if you wait too much, it may be too late to enjoy these benefits. 

Switching to a keto diet when you turn 70 is imperative for three reasons.

  • One, you will radically improve your health because it’s one of the most proven eating strategies.
  • You will quickly decrease weight and unwanted fat, so you transform your body and have more energy. 
  • You will be able to keep the weight off over the long term because you’ll experience less hunger, cravings, and loss of control. 

If you follow a balanced keto diet, this won’t only happen quickly. It also will be pretty easy.

Keep scrolling to see some people over 70 that already managed to reach their weight loss goals without EVER feeling restricted by a low-carb lifestyle:

Sophia, 72
Sophia, 72
Emma, 70
Emma, 70
Isabella, 74
Isabella, 74

Take a 2-minute quiz and find out how much weight you could lose on a Keto diet:

  For safety reasons, we recommend everyone to consult with their doctor before starting any diet.



  1. Very excited to get started Wed. Feb. 17

  2. I have bacon,eggs for breakfast,salad for lunch,steak for dinner
    snack cheese

    1. Your eating sounds like something I could do! How is this working for you???

  3. Hang in there ! It’s healthy food.Drink as much water as you can stand! I’ve lost 8 pounds since 1/1/21… but have cheated some and had to start again …

    1. How do you know the sizes of the portions in Keto ?

  4. I’m ready to do Keto

  5. Thank you for your advice.

  6. been on Keto 2 weeks losing kilos slowly but feeling heaps better .. It is a challenge making interesting meals and finding recipes .. was a thrill to make Keto ice cream today

    1. Hi there!
      Would love to know how you made your keto ice cream. May I have your recipe??

      1. Not sure if the same ice cream recipe the person used, but one I have is, put some whipping cream in a mason jar, add some vanilla and sweetener, then shake vigorously for 5 minutes, then freeze for around 3-4 hours. You can add berries or nuts. Enjoy.

      2. I make the all-time best keto ice cream. I serve it to my guests and they rave about it. The one ingredient I’ve found that can’t be replaced is the sugar substitute. I use BochaSweet which is made from a kabocha squash. (More about it at the end.) It looks and tastes just like sugar, but the main value is that, unlike other sweeteners like erythritol, the ice cream is scoopable right from the freezer. You don’t have to wait for it to soften. My recipe is a very simple one that I use as a base for all other flavors: 4 pasture raised eggs, 1/2 c. BochaSweet (available online), 2 cups heavy cream, 1 T. vanilla extract. That’s it! Very low carb. Beat the eggs and BochaSweet until light and thick, add the cream and flavoring and place in an electric ice cream maker (I have a Cuisinart) and churn away. The ice cream is frozen custard consistency when it’s done and it should be left in the freezer for a few hours for a harder consistency. So that’s your basic recipe. If you want chocolate, just add about 1/4 cocoa powder and a pinch of salt. My favorite is mint chocolate chip. I get the flavoring from Olive Nation (I think you can also get it from Amazon) and I use ChocZero chocolate chips. I hate any aftertaste, and the products I mentioned leave absolutely none. You’ll think you are eating the very expensive, rich and creamy ice cream. Note: I do not cook the eggs. Since I use eggs from organic, pasture raised chickens, I am never afraid to use them raw. I’ve been making ice cream for several years now and have never had a problem. Here’s the info on BochaSweet from their website: BochaSweet™ is a zero calorie, zero glycemic sweetener that tastes identical to cane sugar. Born from a low temperature extraction using 100% kabocha, a true “superfood”. Kabocha extract has been perfected to cook, bake, dissolve, and measure on a 1:1 ratio to cane sugar. It can help support healthy blood sugar levels.

        1. This sounds a…mazing

  7. I’m so encouraged after reading this article. I’m ready to do it. Thank you !!

  8. Thanks much for info

  9. I am encouraged!

  10. I eat my most fun meal for breakfast. I also eat my dessert then as well. Sometimes I eat a normal breakfast of eggs and plain toast or a small Carb Master Yougurt (Kroger Brand) which is very good, comes in lots of flavors and is VERY low carb but good fat. Also, if I have cookies or chocolate cake or brownies, this is when I eat them-& in MODERATION! But I don’t feel guilty or like I’ve deprived myself.

    My next meal is at 12 or 12:30. If I want to have pasta, I have a small plate of pasta with marinara sauce. Sometimes a slice of pot roast and veggies, but no dessert. Of course I vary things up but this meal is smaller and more keto oriented. I usually have a salad with olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing.

    I never eat after 3:00 p.m. I drink lemon water as my drink of choice most of the day and between meals and I exercise after 4:00p.m. using a treadmill and Bowflex. I’ve been doing this for years. When I first started I weighed 210 lbs and was (& still am) 5’8″. It took about 3 months and I went down to 140 lbs and have remained between 135-140 for the past 15 years. I’ve never felt better! It’s intermittent fasting because I’m literally not eating for almost 16 hours everyday.

    I’m never tired. I have great health. My blood pressure is 110/60. I’m a professional violinist and at 68 years old I’m still playing very well with no slow down in sight. My husband and I both love living this way. We have tons of evergy and are very active in our community.

    The last thing is, there are lots and lots of low carb things out on the market that you can purchase that will help you not to feel deprived. There’s low carb bread and pasta on Amazon, there’s recipes you can make and instead of using sugar, use stevia or another low carb sweetner. So many things are available now that weren’t even 10 years ago. Enjoy taking care of yourself and have a WONDERFUL life because you can do this!!

    1. Thank you Linda, found that very informative…

    2. Thank you, Linda, hearing this makes me more inclined to try Keto.

    3. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas and encouragement!

  11. I have frozen berries and a tablespoon Greek yogurt each morning meat ,low carb vegetables for dinner not hungry should I eat more

  12. I would like to try the keto diet because I have arthritis

  13. Great to see something for this age for a change!

  14. I’ve been getting too many bad fats.

  15. So very interesting – would love to know more

  16. Would love to give this a try…

  17. Sounds very interesting something i might could do.

  18. Just started Keto ,I have to learn about it ,so am reading as much as I can and for now am giving up carbs and sugar .I am eating more protein and salad with yogurt dressing .

  19. Very interested

  20. My daughter in law and my son are on keto diets more to feel well than to lose weight. She spends a lot of time in preparation. I am not prepared to do that. Recipes that require little prep is what I would like

  21. I’m 68 and have stayed with Keto for 5 years. When I started I was 189 size 16
    I weigh 179 now but I look like I’m 150. I’m in a size 10 and have stayed in a size 10 for 4 yrs now. Val

    1. I am close to your age and I am concerned about high fat & gallbladder issues?? Have you had any?

  22. Is this diet for a vegetarian of 50 yrs. I am 71 years old., I also have Hashimotos disease.

  23. I have the exact problems and allergies and afraid of high fat because I have gall stones. Having trouble getting started. I did find Keto Bread and some other keto items at Aldo if you have one near you. Any ideas!

  24. Did you get an answer ? I heard that you can forget about keto working for you if you don`t have a gall bladder . Love to know the answer

    1. I lost 23 pounds in 4 months following the Keto diet, and I don’t have my gallbladder.

  25. I eat Aunt Millies One net carb wheat bread. Only 30 calories also.

  26. I have IBS, am gluten sensitive and lactic intolerant. I have been on the Keto lifestye for the past 2 years. Although I now eat cruciferous foods, I did not eat them the first year I was on the program. I found a recipe for 90-second keto bread (it makes equivalent to 1 bun or 2 slices of bread at a time, but it can be used for a sandwich, a hamburger bun, toast, or any other way you would eat your bread). It is not crumbly, and tastes remarkably like bread. You could make several batches and freeze them for later. I don’t like almond milk, so I use exclusively coconut milk and have found I can substitute it for regular milk in any recipe I use. For sweetener I use either monk fruit with erythritol or erythritol by itself (these are not artificial sweeteners and are healthy). For baking I use finely sifted almond flour, flax seed meal, xanthum gum and whole psyllium husks to prevent crumbling baked goods. I make salads with lettuce, spinach, sweet potato leaves, beet tops, young radish and turnip leaves, hibiscus flowers, nasturtium flowers and leaves, pansy flowers, rose petals – there are many leafy and flowery plants that can be used for salads. Jicama is a low carb food that can be eaten either raw or cooked – I like it raw with some lime juice and herbs sprinkled on it. Really, if you do some research, you can find that you can follow the keto lifestyle even with your medical issues. By the way, my IBS has com under control with this diet, I no longer have the sever abdominal pain I had due to gluten, I have far more energy, and my joint pain is all but gone! I am 76 years old and am healthier than I was 20 years ago!

    1. Where do you find all of those different leaves to put in your salad? I know they are healthy but I couldn’t even find beet leaves in the stores in my city.

  27. I have been doing Keto since Feb 2. I feel fantastic! I have lost 12 # and lots of inches. I have already gone down a size in clothes. I can stick to this diet because I don’t feel hungry❤️

  28. I will try my best to make the target on the Kito diet
    Anna Jacobs

  29. Try CanyonRoad bread usually in thefreezer department. It s full sized and delicious

  30. Thank you that’s my problem I have IBS and still trying to find my feet it is hard hope can work something out

  31. I have put on 25 to 30lbs since covid-19. Before that I was able to maintain a healthy weight..
    I’ve gotten lazy and of course my activity has been limited. I’m 83 years young and my weight and lack of strength is hindering my mobility. I’m hoping the keto diet will change that.

  32. Thank you very very much. So encouraging and sharing some of the foods that I thought were taboo.

  33. Can I do Keto being a Type 2 Diabetic

    1. Best diet to lower blood sugar and insulin, but if you are taking medication, you will need to check with your doctor as you will need less medication very quickly, like in a day or two.

    2. I am a Type 2 Diabetic. I started Keto on January 1st this year. My prescription for insulin was 14 units one time a day. My fasting blood sugars dropped immediately after starting Keto. Within the first 5 days on Keto, with the feedback from my Pharmacist through the medical facility I go through, we lowered it to 12 units. The next week, down to 11, next week 10, next couple of days 9, so on until today which is my first day with no insulin injection! I monitor my blood sugar twice a day, so will see how everything goes being off insulin completely. Then we’ll talk about getting off of Trulicity. Metformin will be the last thing we see if it can be adjusted. I have never felt better. Inflammation is so much better and my energy is steady and good throughout the whole day. I had forgotten what “normal” feels like. I am 68 years old and have lost 20 pounds so far plus several inches. Keto has been a life changer for me.

    3. Yes. Keto is used to reverse Type 2. When you begin you will have to monitor your sugar levels and systematically reduce your insulin intake to reduce the risk of hypos!

    4. Absolutely, do it properly and your T2D will reverse within weeks. Read The Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung and Wheat Belly by Dr William Davis.

  34. What is advocate? My best chemical balance is two eggs and one piece of Ezekiel bread. And I’ve been wondering about the bread because I just can’t get through the day without toast.

    1. “Advocate”…I think they mean avocado. Get the sprouted wheat or low sodium bread if you are buying Ezekiel. They are the best.

      1. Where do u get the bread?

    2. I get real keto friendly bread at Save-on-foods. It is a dark bread but it sure tastes good. It is moist like white bread we used to eat when we were kids but keto friendly. I am 74 years old and I have lost 33 lbs on Keto and I am still loosing. During this pandemic it has been easy as we have been so restricted by not going out to eat.

    3. Try Thin Slim Foods zero carb breads. They taste delicious, are all healthy ingredients, and they come in all types of breads, buns, bagels and rolls.

  35. I tried the pasta and bread on Amazon. Pasta has a funny consistency. I don’t like it. Instead of bread,I choose to eat 4 carb wraps. I love bacon sandwiches with the wraps. Add a little Mayo or even cheese. Delicious.

    1. Spaghetti squash works great for noodles. Not bad tasting and healthy. I buy spaghetti sauce that has no added sugar and make meatballs for the meal. I even make lasagna with this squash. We love it!

    2. I rarely see any comments on shiitake pasta….it has zero calories or carbs or nutrients…but fills you up and is a good excuse for sauces. You can get it is all sorts of configurations and is pretty much tasteless. For some of you, it may irritate your digestive system…don’t know…but I have no problem with it and use the Rice and Penne form the most…it is available quite readily now and as I am in Canada…that is a great thing. Many of the keto breads you mention are not available here..or only by ordering online and waiting for postal services to deliver. Expensive and they are never very fresh by the time they arrive. I am on a small island…not a major service area…with no major franchises store or chain stores, by design.

    3. How about veggie spaghetti

  36. I, like you have eat gluten free as well. I also don’t have a gall bladder, plus Micoscopic Colitis. Talk about an eating challenge. I make my sandwiches out of the Schar sandwich rolls. I lightly toast them first. I also make open faced sandwiches out of Canyon Bakehouse Bagles. I gave up on sandwich bread a long time ago and use gluten free hamburger buns and cut away about a quarter inch from the base as I think they are too thick. Then toast. Also Schar bread makes a delightful Ciabatta buns that not only do I use for buns but also sandwiches, again lightly toast first.

  37. Hi, I have not had a gallbladder for 6 years and I do well on Keto. I’m down 17 lbs since January 4th.

    1. Hi my name is Marla can you tell me what you eat 3 times a day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and what you do for fluids throughout the day and also what breads do you eat, I’m not really a person who likes bread, I haven’t had a gal bladder for many years, I get a lot of swalling and blowtingin in my tammy and right up under my breast which can be very uncomfortable. I’m always tryvto hide this. Hope you can give me some advise. Thank you Maria

  38. can I print the above. very good stuff!!!

  39. Been on KETO during Pandemic and surprisingly sticking to it! I’ve lost 45 lbs. and want to keep losing another 40!
    Ways I stay on it using the Cremini Egg/Cauliflower Wraps from Costco and the Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Thins for bread substitutes. And Mr. Tortilla Multigrain 1 Carb Tortillas for a variety!

  40. I am 70 5’6” weight 143. I just had a massive heart attack 2 weeks ago..Cardio re-hab is pushing hard for a Plant Based Diet.. which is totally opposite to my eating habits. I have done Keto before but never completed devoted . I have always eaten healthy very conscious of carbs and sugar. I want to continue to do so. Is a total Keto diet heart healthy?? I just can’t not eat meat only twice a month..I love the physical part of re-hab, but not the diet restrictions

  41. I just order keto and I am looking forward to getting started on this product. I just made a commitment to myself and gave up all junk food. I suffer with IBS real bad. It run my life. I really need to lose weigh. I am willing to do anything at this point in my life. I am 66yrs old and it is time for change. I decided to start walking every day as much as can. I also suffer with fibermigaler and it affect my leg really bad. So I ready to move on in life and make some changes. I feel really great since I gave up junk food. And drinking plenty of water. And eating all baked food & lots veggie & fruits. Thank you so very much for letting me leave a rely.

  42. I’ve been on a keto diet for over 3 years. I had my gall bladder removed many years ago. I easily lost the 30 pounds I wanted to but eventually I started having diarrhea. I manage that with a teaspoon of psyllium powder in a half a cup of coffee once or twice a day. Not a coffee drinker, use another keto friendly liquid you do like. When I get stupid and eat carrot cake or some other no-nos, I do gain a few pounds which are hard to get off, but I’m committed and it works for me. It isn’t always easy but I want to stay more thin than I was.

  43. I would love an answer to a guestion i have ask and got no answer. I have Keto BHB 3000 mg and would like to know how many i take a day. the instructions are not clear if i take 3 or 6

  44. I like wine too much.. 🙁 Would having a few glasses of wine completely destroy the effect of eating the correct food?

  45. I have been on Keto for two years. I am seldom hungry. My blood pressure is great. Type 2 diabetes runs in my immediate and generational family. I have lost 70 lbs. and kept it off. I went from a size 20-22 to size 14, with some size 12 clothes. It is great. Gave away all my old clothes. Bought some more of them. I feel better, sleep better, and use intermittent fasting daily. I very seldom eat prior to 12:00 p.m. I do like my black coffee in the morning. I bake my own Keto bread, snacks, fat bombs, avacado ice cream. fudge, chips, etc.. I have learned to substitute almost everything. My family eats regular food. Eating sweets is not my thing. Keto is great for me.

  46. I have been on Keto six months and have gone from 235 to 209 Lbs,and lowered my high blood pressure to normal 80 over 120 and lowered my sugar to normal 95.I feel 20years younger and my joint pain has lessened.Keto has been a lifestyle change for me I am 75 and my family have noticed a big change in me.

  47. I’m 74. My IF/keto/LCHF regime “inputs” are keto macro targets of 19g carbs/75g protein/125g fat (1501kcal in the old money..) for 7 days/week, all tracked in MyFitnessPal (953-day streak so far…) always inserting “USDA” in the searches. Backed up with intermittent fasting (IF) @ 18:6 (no breakfast) alternated with OMAD (one-meal-a day = no lunch either) for 5 days/week, but weekends no IF. That means I’m fasting for more than 18hrs/day for more than half of every week but without a regular daily pattern (fasts longer than OMAD are just too hard, can’t be bothered, coz they didn’t impact the trend when I tried them!). Results (outputs), BMI from 36 to 26 in 60 weeks, been there ever since (I’d been the fat guy for 60 years until then..). The trend was 0.56 kg a week with the longest plateau of about 8 days. I weigh myself every morning so that I can measure how my body responds. I am now at week 136. Oh, my T2D reduced to “pre-diabetic” by week 12 & gone completely by week 24. BP was 155/90, but now it’s 115/60. Morning BG reduced from 12 mmol/l to 5.5 by about week 3… I no longer exhibit ANY of insulin resistance indicators, aka metabolic syndrome, which was my goal, actually. And I don’t snore any more, much to the relief of “er indoors”. I recommend you get on with it. It will keep you alive..but DO measure stuff! As all successful sports coaches will tell you, “if you’re not measuring, you’re not managing it” I hope this helps.

  48. Yes you can. I am 73 and have been on keto off and on for two years. My blood sugar and blood pressure have come down. I am doing better with this lifestyle as I’ve been strict since January and have lost 7lbs. My bs this am was 83. I may have to start backing off on meds! Hope you will try keto.

  49. Cutting out the wine was the hardest thing, the rest is easy to follow, I did switch to a very low carb beer but only have one a night

  50. Thank you Everyone for your questions and comments. I am encouraged to follow the Keto
    Diet. I am having a revised hip replacement surgery April 20 and have begun working with a
    Trainer 3x weeks to strengthen my Core. I would love to loose 17 lbs. I weighed 108 lbs. several
    months ago and then gained the weight during Covid. Where do I begin? Can you please reach
    out to me with suggestions? Thank you Everyone. God bless you. Continue to make the great
    Progress you shared. 🙏🙏🙏💕 Philomena

  51. No but unsweetened Greek in v small quantities is better, count yout carbs if in doubt.

  52. Will keto work if you have atrial fibrillation and on a beta blocker??

  53. I have pancreas issues and have to limit dairy. How do I do keto with this issue

  54. I lost my gallbladder just over three years ago. When it was removed the surgeons found it to be dangerously gangrenous and practically liquid, so it absolutely had to go. I have had no problems at all following the Keto way of eating without it, am keto adapted, and in nutritional ketosis. Some people do experience some gastric distress, such as diarrhoea, and need to take bile supplements, but that has not been the case for me.

  55. I’m 74 and had been the fat guy since I was a teenager; calorie counting had never worked in 60 years, so obviously, the conventional advice has always been gibberish. Every single word of it! In July 2018, I was diagnosed with T2D, and I weighed 110kg, my BP 155/90, and the blood work wasn’t good either. The GP did what they do coz they don’t know any better, wrote a prescription signed me up for the Long Term Conditions clinic. I told him not to bother, and he could keep the metformin and the statins! You see, I’d read The Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung (published 2016); the T2D diagnosis was the trigger I needed to follow his advice. Also, I signed up with DietDoctor, the best website I’ve ever seen. As per the advice from both sources, I set up this regime. Daily keto macro targets of 19g carbs, 75g protein, 125g fat plus alternated daily intermittent fasting of 18:6 and 22:2 (OMAD, one meal a day). Results: week 60: weight = 75kg, BP =115/60, and I’d never been hungry at any time on the regime. Among a heap of other NSVs (non-scale victories), I snore no more and sleep like a baby; I don’t have to get up middle of the night. I think much better. So if you would prefer to dies peacefully in your sleep, rather than the other way at the agonising ends of the medical and pharmaceutical industries who got us into this mess in the first place, get into intermittent fasting/ keto/ LCHF (low-carb-heathy-fat). It will reverse your insulin resistance and release you from the hideous curse of metabolic syndrome. I hope this helps.

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