3 Ways to Reduce Broad Shoulders

Having broad shoulders is typically seen as being less feminine or less attractive. 

Women want that hourglass figure – tight glutes and a tiny waist. 

These beauty standards have been dominating Western culture for quite a while now. 

However, females shouldn’t be ashamed of having broad shoulders. 

Our bone structure is primarily determined by our genetics. 

And unlike muscle mass or fat percentage, it cannot be changed.

Yet, it can still make you self-conscious.

We have collected 3 clever tips on how you can make your shoulders appear smaller and get that confidence back!

The Main Mistake Everyone Makes

A lot of people think that to have smaller shoulders, you need specific workouts focused on the upper body. 

This is a huge mistake. 

Any shoulder exercise trains your muscles and makes them bigger. 

And the more you train, the bigger they get.

We have a better solution for you.

Read our suggested tips below and put them into practice with some extra help.

#1 Balanced Diet and the Myth of a Spot Reduction

Some websites advertise losing weight in a specific area of your body (spot reduction). 

This is simply not true. If you lose weight, you lose it from your entire body.

Eating healthy foods with fewer calories leads to weight loss. Which will lead to slimmer, more narrow-looking shoulders.

Try integrating more greens into your diet. Any raw fruit or veggie will fill your stomach with fiber and water. You will feel more full without actually eating tons of empty sugars.


Not to mention, veggies and fruits are high in vitamins and antioxidants. They help prevent infection, carcinogens and boost your immune system.

Greens have fewer calories than refined foods. But that doesn’t mean you can eat tons of them and expect to lose weight. 

Don’t forget that a clean diet goes hand-in-hand with calorie counting. 

The problem?

Most people don’t have time or don’t know how to do it.

You have to learn how to count calories for every single food item. Not to mention counting carbs, protein, fat and finding the right proportions you need.

Using tools that help you track your macros will help a lot, but not all of them are good enough. 

Make sure the tracker you’ll be using is personalized to you, has multiple recipe options for your taste, and focuses on your goals.

Every recipe should be hand-picked, with an option to see calories and macros. 

All you need is to answer a few short questions about your lifestyle, workout, and eating habits. Then it can generate a custom meal plan based on your answers.

Whether you’re a vegetarian, gluten-free, or can’t tolerate specific foods, there is a meal plan designed for your needs.

Make sure your chosen application also has a personalized workout option too.

This combo helps achieve the best weight loss results and finally slim down those shoulders.

Healthy smoothy
One of the healthy meal ideas- blueberry and strawberry smoothie. Photo taken from the Fitter app.

#2 Make Wardrobe Changes

Even when exercising and counting calories, it can take a bit of time to see results (in our case – smaller shoulders).

Meanwhile, there are a few wardrobe hacks you can use to make your shoulders appear more narrow.

Wardrobe dos and don’ts


✅ Do wear belts around your waist. This will give your figure an hourglass appearance.

✅ Do wear T-shirts that have a V neck and cover your shoulders. 

✅ Do wear loose-fit pants. Skinny jeans will only make your upper body appear bigger.

Woman in sweater and jacket


✅ Don’t wear strapless clothes. This includes strapless dresses, bras, tank tops. This focuses on your shoulders and makes them appear even wider.

✅ Don’t wear jackets that have shoulder pads in them.

This is just a quick appearance fix, but it definitely does the trick.

We still have one more trick up our sleeves. 

And it’s going to make the biggest difference long term.

#3 Tweak Your Workout Regime Toward the Right Direction

Exercising your shoulders won’t slim them down. We mentioned this before as one of the main mistakes everyone makes.

Instead, tweak your workout routine to be focused on other body parts.

Not sure how you can do this and what exercises will help?

Anything from crunches to squats can help tone your body while giving your upper body a break.

For instance, combined side lunges, glute bridges, sumo squats shape those glute muscles and make your figure look more proportional.

Woman working out at the beach

But don’t rush to pull that yoga mat out just yet. 

If repeating the same YouTube workout video every day could bring actual results, everyone would have their dream body right now!

Think about it – most of the workouts online focus on training the entire body and might be suitable for those who want to lose weight. But for you – a generic workout routine might mean even broader shoulders!

You need something tailored for your needs and goals. That’s where personalized exercises come in handy.

They target specific muscle groups and shift the focus from your upper body, leaving your shoulder muscle tissue to decrease.

Personal trainers can create a workout plan and guide you to achieve maximum results.

However, if you can’t afford a personal trainer, try a personalized workout app instead.

It generates specific exercises based on your goals and the body parts you want to train.

The best part about it – these personalized exercises only take about 15–20min and can be easily squeezed into your everyday routine.

Can your shoulder width change with just one tool? 

As we established – bone structure cannot be changed. 

However, your shoulders can definitely get smaller if you get rid of excess fat or muscle mass. 

This can be done by losing weight and performing lower body exercises while avoiding training your shoulders.

The problem that keeps most people from achieving their goal body?

Eating healthy and exercising only certain muscle groups is challenging and time-consuming. 

But there is a solution. And it’s cheaper than any personal trainer.

Try the new viral Fitter app that already helped others get smaller, more feminine-looking shoulders.

This personalized workout app only starts generating your plan once you answer the questions about your health.

That’s how you know it’s fully customized to your needs.

Fitter offers the best exercise plan designed especially for you to achieve your best results in a healthy, simple way.

The quiz is absolutely free, too, so you won’t be taking any risks completing it. 

Another great benefit of this app is that you get to see how much weight you can lose in just 28 days.

You could lose weight AND keep it off.

This app holds all the important tools you might need to succeed:

✅ Short workouts generated based on your fitness level and health conditions

✅ Daily progress tracker showing you how many calories you’ve burned

✅ Step tracker

✅ Water intake log

✅ Ready-made 1,000+ recipes

✅ Easy-to-find ingredients for all the recipes

✅ This app can help you get smaller shoulders, and it can help you get your confidence back. 

Start a quick 60-second quiz and find out when you can wear those strapless dresses again!

Take a free 1-minute quiz and take control of your weight, health, and happiness

Results may vary due to personal features



  1. Tried two workouts today, I love how I can focus on my glutes instead of upper body with this app. Love it!

  2. I have the same problem! Finally something that offers results

  3. I got mocked for my ‘masculine’ lookin figure for so many years and these tips actually sound great. Excited to start the program too…. Wish me luck

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