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182 Days on an Underpriced Appetite Suppressant. Wishful Thinking vs. the Actual Results

Before anyone comes for me, let me say this. This is going to be my personal and honest review for people who, like me: 

  • Especially struggle in the nighttime, when cravings usually hit hardest (when I would mostly overeat).
  • Are NOT looking to take Adderall or Vyvanse or any chemically derived appetite suppressing pills. 
  • Feel that the meal is not finished unless they have a dessert after.
  • Are looking for ways to curb the appetite for health and longevity (I believe weight loss results from that).
  • Want healthy, long-term weight loss without straining themselves. 

I have tried keto, paleo, Mediterranean diet, Weight Watchers, you name it… Multiple restrictive diets, only to lose weight and then gain it back.

I did this experiment when I REALLY needed help with overeating and losing weight. 

I had so many days when I’d start the day off on a great note. Healthy breakfast and healthy lunch, but by evening… I craved fast food, and I noticed it was mostly when I binged.

Another important thing to mention: hunger wasn’t my main reason for eating. If I wasn’t careful, I could still heavily overeat even if I was really full. 

Every time, I felt terrible physically and mentally afterward.

Before using DoFasting supplements

Also, I’m a sugar junkie, so I always had to have something sweet at night, and that mentally always gave me the “green light” to later have whatever I wanted. 

“Because I had this and that already, one more is not gonna make any difference.”

I had tried so many diets before, so I was looking for a different option. I was hoping there was a magical cure for easy and sustainable weight loss.

I specifically was looking for something to control my appetite. Not like drugs, but a natural variation of it. Something that would not mess with the hormones like diet pills do or “regulate” my brain. 

I researched and bought myself a 6-month supply of the most natural appetite suppressant I could find. I chose it based on reviews and prices. 

By the way, I found a discount code for 25% OFF (I will share it below, although I’m not sure it still works), so this option became even more attractive!

What I ordered vs. what I got

Since there are so many different options on the internet, I had doubts about ordering at first. 

I’ve never heard about this company before (but it definitely looked legit). Also, the big question I had was if the product was going to get me the results I wanted. 

Here’s how the product looks on the website: 

DoFasting supplements

And here’s what I got just a few days after placing the order: 

DoFasting supplements product image

I ordered the DoFasting Appetite Suppressant for weight loss. One box contains 30 packets (1 per day). On the box, it says:

  • Non-GMO 
  • Vegan 
  • Gluten-free

But honestly, I especially liked that it’s Made in the USA. 

Still, the closer the moment to trying it came, the more scared I was. I started doubting if it was the right choice and if the supplement would work. 

I opened my first packet to see what it ACTUALLY was. I saw a powder and could smell strawberries instantly. 

I made my first drink with a tall glass of water. The color was vibrant purple-ish, and the smell was intense but pleasant. Instructions said I must take it right away, or the drink becomes clumpy (because the fiber expands). 

It was actually not as bad as I expected it to be – it was sweet and fruity, and the light smoothie consistency almost reminded me of the shake I would order at a family restaurant. 

I finished the drink and almost instantly felt full. I thought it was only because of the water, but as I later observed, I felt full much longer than I usually would.

And it makes perfect sense because there are only 2 main ingredients, and both are fibers: cellulose (a fully ecological dietary fiber extracted from “sun-fed” plants) and glucomannan (a 100% natural dietary fiber extracted from the root of the plant called elephant yam).

Thanks to its ability to absorb water, fiber takes up enough space in your stomach to make you feel full without any added calories.

The actual, long-term experience

Since it’s ok to have 2 of these packets per day, I experimented on how and when is the best way to take it.

As I said, I’m a sugar junkie, so I always had to have something sweet at night. That’s why instead of going for the usual Pop-Tarts or a pack of Hershey’s or Oreos, I just filled my mouth with this appetite suppressant drink. 

It did the job for my sweet tooth and hunger.

Woman petting a cat

Also, the glass is only 10 calories, so it had a massive impact on the total amount of food I consumed and eventually on my weight, as you’ll read further. 

I often drank fiber supplements before eating my meal. It worked wonders for the amount of food I consumed, and I was getting the needed fiber. Win-win!

The side-effects

I felt bloated more than usual at first. Like the first 5 days or so. Also, on day 3, I had a headache, which is not a common thing for me. 

I knew it was related to this fiber appetite suppressant. And from what I’ve read in the reviews, it was temporary and expected. 

It was related to the increased amount of water I drank and the sugar withdrawal because I was taking at least 10 times less of it. 

The bloating went away in less than a week, and I noticed how my bowel movements became more regular and “easier” than ever before. 

The headache went away quickly, and the second week into the supplement, I literally started seeing and feeling the results. 

Week 2 was also when I noticed my weight started dropping. 

That was honestly when the best things started happening. My appetite started decreasing, I felt I had more energy than usual, and I was not as sleepy during the daytime as I used to be. 

182 days in

I did take the DoFasting fiber appetite suppressant almost every day for 182 days – that’s 6 months. During this time, I lost an extra 31 lbs

I did it without restricting myself but by taking the supplement once or twice a day in the evenings and before my main meal.

I had to poke new holes in my belt to keep my favorite jeans on! And I now fit into some very, very old pieces of clothing. I do feel and look lighter and more energetic.

Woman in front of the sky

My main takeaways for anyone who’s thinking of trying a fiber appetite suppressant: 

  • Have the fiber drink before your meals or after if you still feel hungry, and drink plenty of water. 
  • Use the supplement in the evening as a snack. I used to overeat late at night constantly, but the fiber made me feel full and helped my sweet cravings. I stopped binging almost entirely. So happy!
  • Also, sometimes just sipping on something tasty works when you want to snack because of boredom. This drink does wonders. 

Honestly, this particular fiber appetite suppressant was a game-changer. It’s legit, and it works if you only commit to it. It doesn’t require willpower – just willingness to give it a try. 

And I personally vouch for it. I think it really works. 

The product is very high quality, and the price is a fraction of what I would evaluate it.

I used the discount code ESSENTIAL25 (found on the internet), which gave me an ADDITIONAL 25% OFF on top of the 40% discount already available at checkout. So I paid 65% less than what people usually pay. Also, they have a lovely support team (special thanks to Justin and Kim!) 

I assume anyone can use the same discount code to get this huge discount (if it’s not expired yet). It’s worth giving it a try!

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Results may vary due to personal features.



  1. I just ordered 6 months supply.. I’m an overeater and hate that. Hope this helps me the same way it helped you.

  2. I’ve been taking this supplement since July, 2021. Lost 45 lb so far. 50 more to go. I fast, but sometimes eat too many carbs in my eating window. That’s when fasts become more difficult and hunger kicks in much faster than usual. This drink works every time and it doesn’t brak fast. From my experience there are only a few appetite suppressant like that and I agree, other are overpriced compared to this one.

  3. Great results! I’ve been looking for something similar myself, this looks like a great option, will try. Thanks for review!

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